Robotic vehicles ready for delivery to Pakistani warehouses

Robotic vehicles ready for delivery to Pakistani warehouses

Talented youngsters have developed automatic conveyor robotic vehicles to overcome the difficulties of delivering raw and finished goods to warehouses in Pakistan’s major industries. The technology is already being used in major industries around the world, but due to its high cost, Pakistani industries have been unable to use it, said Arsalan, a student in the Department of Computer Engineering at the Usman Institute of Technology. Sattar and Syed Alian have solved the problem of keeping and delivering raw and finished goods in warehouses with the help of 6 months of hard work. The project has been named as “Konveyro The”. Through this solution, such robotic vehicles have been manufactured locally. Will be able to move heavy weights from one place to another in a matter of moments.

In the narrow lanes of the warehouses, these robotic vehicles will work to transport raw or finished goods from one part of the factory to another or to the warehouses by adjusting to the pre-determined routes or distances listed in the mobile phone. Or they will stop automatically in the event of an interruption, thus avoiding industrial accidents, this solution will also be a means of reducing industrial costs and a vehicle will deliver heavy goods instead of many laborers, thus manpower. Can be used for more productive work.

According to Arsalan Sattar, a member of the Konveyro The team, the solution was developed keeping in mind the industrial needs, which will be up to 50% cheaper than foreign solutions and in line with Pakistan’s environment, Arsalan claims. Arsalan Sattar and Syed Alian will present their project to their teachers on Monday, saying that the automated robotic vehicles will take out their cost in a month and help reduce the cost of industries and increase production capacity. In the next phase, it will be presented to the industries. Automatic vehicles will be manufactured and provided as per the requirements of the industries, the cost of which will depend on the volume and weight lifting capacity.

Robotic vehicles ready for delivery to Pakistani warehouses

Author: Haroon Malik

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