Sheikh Rashid opens a new Pandora’s box

Sheikh Rashid opens a new Pandora’s box

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid says that the speech delivered by Nawaz Sharif is the speech of Modi and RAW.

Talking to media, Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid said that Maryam Nawaz had killed Nawaz Sharif before and now she will be killed again. Maryam is also the one who ousted Nawaz Sharif from power. He said that he has just told about the meetings. Shahbaz Sharif is a man of my party. They will not resign or sit down and all these thieves will go to jail. The country is moving forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Sheikh Rashid said that all politicians are the product of GHQ, it is an honor to meet the Army Chief and DG ISI and I am proud to be the spokesperson of Pakistan Army.

Sheikh Rashid opens a new Pandora’s box

Author: Haroon Malik

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