Sir Syed University Fee Structure 2023 (Per Semester): A Complete Guide

Students can now check SSUET Sir Syed University Cost Structure 2023 per Semester before submitting their admission forms as Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) has revealed its fee structure for the upcoming session. SSUET offers both engineering and non-engineering programs, and has been providing qualified workers to the country for many years.

Fees Structure for Engineering Programmes

Admission cost for all engineering courses is Rs. 39,500, which includes registration fee and other fees. The first semester and per semester costs (including admission fees) for each engineering program are shown in the table below:

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Program NamePer Semester Fee1st Semester Fee (Include all admission charges)
Electronics94,200 Rupees133,700 Rupees
Telecom51,050 Rupees90,550 Rupees
Biomedical94,200 Rupees133,700 Rupees
Electrical89,800 Rupees129,300 Rupees
Computer94,200 Rupees133,700 Rupees
Civil81,000 Rupees120,500 Rupees

Non-Engineering Programs Fee Structure

SSUET charges different per-semester fees for non-engineering programs. Here is the fee structure for a few of the non-engineering programs:

Program NamePer Semester Fee1st Semester Fee (Include all admission charges)
Bioinformatics53,250 Rupees92,750 Rupees
Architecture and Environment113,700 Rupees153,200 Rupees
Information Technology94,200 Rupees133,700 Rupees
Clinical Psychology80,500 Rupees120,000 Rupees
Mobile Communication and Security43,400 Rupees62,900 Rupees
Software Engineering89,800 Rupees129,300 Rupees

Fee Structure for BSCS

The BSCS program has a similar pricing structure to engineering programs, with the first semester tuition being Rs 133,700 inclusive of all admission fees. The cost per semester of the BSCS program, however, decreases as the degree is earned. The cost for each semester after the first is Rs 94,200.

Self Finance Fee Structure

Although it has not been updated yet, the self-finance fee structure is different from regular candidates. The revised price schedule will be made accessible on the official website.

BBA Fee Structure

Students from middle-class backgrounds can afford the moderate and cheap tuition fees of a BBA program. The cost breakdown for BBA program is as follows:

Fee Structure for MBBS

SSUET has a designated MBBS campus, however only those who clear the MDCAT and follow other admission requirements established by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) are admitted. The five-year fee schedule for the MBBS program is shown in the following table.

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In conclusion, SSUET Sir Syed University is a well-established institution that offers various engineering and non-engineering programs. The university has recently announced its fee structure for the upcoming 2023 session. The fees for different programs are charged on a per-semester basis and range from 43,400 Rupees to 153,200 Rupees. The admission fee is the same for almost every program, which is 39,500 Rupees. The BSCS program’s fee is similar to that of the engineering programs. The university also offers BBA and MBBS programs, and their fee structure is also reasonable. Overall, the fee structure of SSUET Sir Syed University is affordable for students from different backgrounds.