Strategies To Boost Energy Level

With increasing workload, it’s essential to boost up energy level to meet the body caloric requirements. In order to prevent wasting or obesity, it’s important to maintain net energy balance. Here are some tips to increase energy to meet the body requirements in case of busy routine:

Increase your sleeping hours:

During busy life your sleeping hours are commonly neglected, due to which whole body functioning is disturbed. It may happens due to many other reasons instead of busy routine. Insomnia is medical term used for less sleep or lack of sleep. Actually it is alarming state of many complications and disorders. This is your sleep, regulating whole biochemical processes of this machine like body. If you are not providing enough rest to your body, output will no longer be positive.  Your sleep is all that your body needs. Your endocrine system is stimulated by deep and long sleep, all hormones secretions are mainly effected by deep sleep, especially growth hormone works properly in such case. So it’s important to focus on it to stop lethargic conditions. Restrict tea or coffee intake if you are suffering from insomnia.

Kick off stress:

Stress is burning your calories. So when you need them, do not waste your crucial calories. These burning calories depend on stress factor, higher the stress factor, more calories will be burnt. Kick off stress by taking deep breath for at least 5 minutes with complete focus. Physical activity releases stress. The best way to ward off your stress is to consume chocolate.

Physical exercise:

No doubt your activities are burning your calories, but physical exercise improves neuro-transmission and electro-chemical muscle contraction, they collectively maintain homeostasis in body. Body temperature, excretion, fluid electrolyte balance all are controlled within steady state of homeostasis. Narrowed vessels are much elastic now, due to increased blood flow during exercise. Moreover, you crave more to fulfill your body energy demands. So keep moving, because movement is a medicine for exchanging old energy resources with new ones.

 Avoid smoking:

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your life. Smoke produced from cigarettes is inhaled by the smoker as well as the people around him. This inhaled smoke is loaded with 10 thousand different harming chemicals, and these are directly acting on your respiratory system. Your lungs are losing their capacity to inhale enough oxygen required by your body. As a result your body cells are deprived of oxygen, losing their capacity to work efficiently, at last your sick cells are killed by yourself. These ischemic cells can never be cured,

Eat healthy diet:

Consult your dietitian to design your diet according to your requirements. Take enough carbohydrate to fulfill energy demands, by sparing your ingested proteins and fats for repair, growth and storage purposes.

Restrict free sugars:

Free sugars are elevating your blood glucose level simultaneously. Due to which appetite hormones are suppressed and you will not be able to consume your sufficient calories.

Author: Rabiya Jamil