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Announcement of Summer Vacations in Sindh pdf

Summer Vacation 2023 in Sindh Announcement Notification pdf

On May 19, 2023, the Government of Sindh’s School Education & Literacy Department released a notification on the summer break (holiday) for public and private schools in Sindh. The specifics are as follows:

Summer vacation holiday 2023 public and private schools Sindh province

On May 19, 2023, the secretary of the Sindh government’s department of education and literacy makes a notification. The notice is intended to announce the province-wide summer holidays for the School Education Department. The announcement states that the summer break will begin on June 1 and last through July 31, 2023. All private and public educational institutions that are under the administrative supervision of the government of Sindh’s school education and literacy department would stay closed for the duration of these two months. For all instructional or educational activity, all institutions stay closed.

Subject Details
Topic Summer Holidays 2023
Department School Education Sindh
Category of Schools Public Schools and Private Schools
Summer Vacation Starting Date 1st June 2023
Ending Date 31st July 2023
School Opening Date after Summer Vacations 1st August 2023

Summer Vacation 2023 in Sindh Announcement Notification pdf

Summer Vacation 2023 in Sindh Announcement Notification pdf

Announcement of summer vacations in Sindh pdf

The Sindh government sends notices to all public and private educational institutions about the province-wide summer break.

The summer break will last two months and will start on June 1 and finish on July 31, 2023, according to the Sindhi government. All academic institutions, whether public and private, are closed for these two months of vacation. On August 1, 2023, the educational institutions will reopen in order to resume teaching and educational activities.

Summer vacation in Karachi 2023 Sindh Notification details

Department/Institution Closing Date/Start of Summer Vacations From Ending Date of Summer Vacations/Reopening of Educational Institutions
All Public and Private   Educational Institutions 1st June 2023 31st July 2033


Throughout these two months of summer vacation, all institutions are shut down. The extension of the province’s summer vacations was not decided by the steering committee. Depending on the requirements of the department, the committee will declare an extension during the summer vacation.

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