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Synonyms Mcqs English Mcqs for Preparation FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC | Latest English Mcqs

Synonyms Mcqs English Mcqs for Preparation FPSC, NTS, KPPSC, PPSC | Latest English Mcqs

Synonym of ARROGANT is _____________?

A. Conceited
B. Progressive
C. Humble
D. Noble

Synonym of ALERT is _____________?

A. Energetic
B. Intelligent
C. Observant
D. Watchful

Synonym of EMBEZZLE is _____________?

A. Clear
B. Remunerate
C. Balance
D. Misappropriate

Synonym of BRIEF is _____________?

A. Little
B. Short
C. Small
D. Limited

Synonym of Vituperate is _____________?

A. Abuse
B. Copy
C. Appreciate
D. Encourage

Synonym of Incredulous is _____________?

A. Honest
B. Dishonest
C. Reliable
D. Unreliable

Synonym of Enigma is _____________?

A. Answer
B. Puzzle
C. Question
D. Content

Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is _____________?

A. Strong
B. Direct
C. Cyclic
D. Weak

Synonym of EMACIATED is _____________?

A. very small
B. very thin
C. very fat
D. very heavy

Synonym of LETHARGY is _____________?

A. Active
B. Laxity
C. Serenity
D. Bold

Synonym of DELEGATE is _____________?

A. Representative
B. Member
C. Officer
D. Servant

Synonym of PRECARIOUS is _____________?

A. Brittle
B. Safe
C. Perilous
D. none of these

Synonym of PREVARICATE is _____________?

A. Early
B. Truth
C. Lie
D. Delay

Synonym of EXUDE is _____________?

A. Ooze
B. Wither
C. Overflow
D. Evaporate

Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________?

A. Fanatic
B. Liberal
C. Apathy
D. Impious

Synonym of ZEST is _____________?

A. Disgust
B. Enthusiasm
C. Passive
D. Various

Synonym of YEARN is _____________?

A. Require
B. Unwanted
C. Extra
D. Muted

Synonym of YELL is _____________?

A. Hitch
B. Shackle
C. Whisper
D. Shout

Synonym of YOKE is _____________?

A. Release
B. Harness
C. Detach
D. Liberate

Synonym of VALOUR is _____________?

A. Coward
B. Stable
C. Heroism
D. Fear

Synonym of VAGRANT is _____________?

A. Roving
B. Honoured
C. Stable
D. Stubborn

Synonym of WARY is _____________?

A. Negligent
B. Heedless
C. Prudent
D. Reckless

Synonym of WANE _____________?

A. Employ
B. Decline
C. Revive
D. Rise

Synonym of WIELD _____________?

A. Avoid
B. Abstain
C. Forgo
D. Exert

The synonyms of Catastrophe is__________?

A. Implement
B. Built
C. Destruction
D. Fresh

The Synonyms of Disdain is_____________?

A. Accept
B. Scorn
C. love
D. Luddite

The Synonyms of OBSTINATE is____________?

A. Scorn
B. Agree
C. Stubborn
D. Soft

The Synonym of Farrago is_____________?

A. Fear of strangers
B. A confused mixture
C. Synopsis
D. Free of cost

The Synonym of ‘snollygoster’ is_________?

A. Unprincipled politician
B. Garrulous
C. Sneak
D. None of above

The Synonyms of CONDONE is__________?

A. Accept
B. Condomn
C. Acceptable
D. Condemn

The Synonym of Puerile is______________?

A. purity
B. Immature
C. Mature
D. power

Synonym of ABATE is _____________?

A. Abandon
B. Postpone
C. Diminish
D. Increase

Synonym of Cordial is _____________?

A. Unpleasant
B. Pleasant
C. Love
D. Heart

Synonym of Cajole is _____________?

A. Flattery
B. Knowledge
C. Embezzle
D. Satiate

Synonym of Triumph is _____________?

B. Violence
C. Victim
D. Its Name of US President

Synonym of Hermetic is _____________?

A. Airtight
B. Unsettled
C. Imitate
D. Open

Synonym of SHAM is ___?

A. Fake
B. Purse
C. Deplorable
D. Robust

Synonym of GINGERLY____?

A. Cautiously
B. Hectically
C. Retrospectively
D. Carelessly

Synonym of MEEK______?

A. Tame
B. Jab
C. Stingy
D. Frail

Synonym of GAUNT_____?

A. Weighty
B. Bony
C. Big statemen
D. Fatty

Synonyms of CAMEO___?

A. Funny character
B. Minor role
C. Sharp tool
D. Type of Fiction

Synonym of TRITE_____________?

A. Sad
B. Minor
C. Commonplace
D. Swindler

Synonym of Scrumptious _____________?

A. Tasty
B. Filthy
C. Old
D. Bumpy

Synonym of Bonhomie______________?

A. Affability
B. Turbulent
C. Big
D. Grope

Synonym of Wheedle ___________________?

A. Waive
B. Cajole
C. Fast
D. Slander

Synonym of Prolix______________?

A. To Promote
B. To Prolong
C. To Provide
D. To proactive

Synonym of Canny_____________?

A. Clever
B. Fast
C. thin
D. Slow

Synonym of Trail_________?

A. To chase
B. To divert
C. To fix
D. To disturb

Synonym of Chastity________?

A. To abstain from sexual relation
B. To whip someone
C. To engulf in sexual relation
D. To infertile someone

Synonym of Shelve_____________________?

A. discuss
B. cancel
C. reconsider
D. postpone

Synonym of “Mano a Mano”

A. Hand to hand
B. District to district
C. Street to street
D. City to city

The synonym of  “Perpetual” is ________?

A. Sneak
B. Garrulous
C. Everlasting
D. Liberal

The synonym of “Colossal” is__________?

A. colourful
B. gigantic
C. bias
D. fantastic

The synonym of “Panacea” is____________?0

A. Morbidity
B. Cure-all
C. Insight
D. Portray

The synonym of ” Irreverenced” is ____________ ?

A. Wrong
B. Honor
C. Disrespect
D. Appease

Synonym of “adipose” is _____________ ?

A. weighty
B. liquid
C. major
D. fatty 

Synonym of “cryptic” is ____________.

A.  obscure
B. copied  
C.  written
D.  dead
E.  puzzling

Synonym of ” inane ” is ______________.

A. lifeless
B. senseless
C. faithless
D. hopeless
E. crazy

The synonym of “FIASCO” is ________.?

A. love
B. care
C. failure
D. careless

Synonym of “accolade” is ______________.

A. drink  
B.  outer garment
C.  balcony
D.  honor
E.   fruit

Synonym of “dormant” is _______________.

A. animated
B. hibernating
C. vigorous
D. active
E. bird-like

Synonym of “escarpment” is __________.

A. warning
B. cliff
C. tomb
D. campsite

Synonym of “knack” is _____________.

A. bruise
B. ability
C. scoundrel
D. keepsake

Synonym of “pococurante” is ___________.

A. hot
B. native
C. blase
D. hidden

Synonym of “glare” is _____________.

A. scowl
B. display
C. hide
D. summon

Synonym of “Victory” is __________.

A. progress
B. success
C. fortune
D. defeat
E. overcome

Synonym of “encroach” is ________________.

A. infest
B. weaken
C. spread out
D. trespass

Synonym of “calumny” is ____________.

A. cleverness
B. compliment
C. slander
D. hardship

Synonym of “largesse” is ___________.

A. greatness
B. generosity
C. clumsiness
D. anger

Synonym of “civil” is __________.

a. trite
b. unkind
c. public
d. questionable

Synonym of “peer” is __________.

A. connote
B. foe
C. fellow
D. recluse

Synonym of “sundry” is __________.

A. supply
B. aged
C. various
D. tremendous

Synonym of “castigate” is __________.

A. neuter
B. punish
C. celebrate
D. banish

Synonym of “prevalent” is _________.

A. servile
B. wind
C. widespread
D. rare

Synonym of “drizzle” is ___________.

A. curly
B. sprinkle
C. drench
D. sear

Synonym of “Crucifixion” is _________.

A. happiness
B. contentment
C. execution
D. gassing

Synonym of “pall” is __________.

A. carry
B. satiate
C. light
D. horror

Synonym of “plethora” is _________.

A. foolish
B. trouble
C. wealth
D. love

Synonym of “tremulous” is ___________.

A. frantic
B. domineering
C. inadequate
D. trembling

Synonym of “copse” is _______.

A. thicket
B. stone hut
C. box
D. cloud

Synonym of “expunge” is ________.

A. lie
B. drain
C. distort
D. obliterate

Synonym of “impregnable” is ___________.

A. full
B. vulnerable
C. unconquerable
D. stern

Synonym of “fecund” is _________.

A. fruitful
B. decayed
C. changeable
D. strong

Synonym of “sacrosanct” is __________.

A. sanctuary
B. prayer
C. pious
D. sacred

Synonym of “asperity” is _________?

A. roughness
B. ambition
C. dream
D. smoothness
E. sarcastic remark

Synonym of “altercation” is ________?

A. repair
B. adjustment
C. quarrel
D. split personality
E. echo

Synonym of “deprecate” is _________?

A. plead earnestly against
B. denounce
C. belittle
D. dishonor
E. devaluate

Synonym of “savanna” is _________?

A. grassland
B. garment
C. harbour
D. mat

Synonym of “facade” is ________?

A. cosmetic
B. embankment
C. building front
D. long arcade

Synonym of “foretaste” is _________?

A. bitterness
B. anticipation
C. sweetness
D. strength

Synonym of “centrifugal” is _________?

A. rapid
B. the exact center
C. moving away from the centre
D. consolidated

Synonym of “garrulous” is _________?

A. noisy
B. affable
C. quarrelsome
D. talkative

Synonym of “astute” is _________?

A. diligent
B. untruthful
C. greedy
D. shrewd

Synonym of “forthwith” is _________?

A. straightforward
B. by chance
C. with excess vigour
D. immediately

Synonym of “sporadic” is _________?

A. irregular
B. accidental
C. instinctive
D. not genuine

Synonym of “homage” is _________?

A. disbelief
B. show of respect
C. moralizing speech
D. patriotic sentiment

Synonym of “obligatory” is _________?

A. agreeable
B. required
C. stubborn
D. useful

Synonym of “emolument” is _________?

A. praise
B. anything that softens
C. profit
D. expression of approval

Synonym of “contemplative” is _________?

A. helpful
B. robust
C. thoughtful
D. devious

Synonym of “surmise” is _________?

A. a guess
B. prediction
C. authoritative statement
D. summary

Synonym of “reformation” is _________?

A. repetition
B. change
C. retreat
D. revelation

Synonym of “daft” is _________?

A. awkward
B. breezy
C. silly
D. nimble

Synonym of “expunge” is _________?

A. purge
B. rationalize
C. exhale
D. eradicate
E. assign

Synonym of “condiment” is _________?

A. salad
B. vegetable
C. meat-dish
D. relish
E. sugar

Synonym of “cogent” is _________?0

A. formidable
B. geared
C. strong
D. weak
E. convincing

Synonym of “rotunda” is _________?0

A. musical composition
B. carousel
C. sealing fresco
D. circular building

Synonym of “ancillary” is _________?0

A. near
B. important
C. similar
D. auxiliary

Synonym of “frenetic” is _________?

A. frantic
B. continental
C. idol
D. relaxed

Synonym of “indigenous” is _________?

A. scholarly
B. having stomach trouble
C. native
D. wealthy
E. bald

Synonym of “fortuitous” is _________?

A. rich
B. accidental
C. lucky
D. prearranged
E. concerted

Synonym of “errata” is _________?0

A. odd behaviour
B. suggestive literature
C. antiques
D. list of errors

Synonym of “homily” is _________?

A. household
B. cereal
C. suburb
D. sermon
E. pension

Synonym of “fealty” is _________?

A. anger
B. loyalty
C. sense of touch
D. anxiety
E. personality

Synonym of “ingenuous” is _________?

A. clever
B. sophisticated
C. cunning
D. naive
E. artificial

Synonym of “culpable” is _________?

A. guilty
B. free
C. vindicable
D. wholesome
E. vindictive

Synonym of “acumen” is _________?

A. force
B. shrewdness
C. accuracy
D. obtuseness

Synonym of “brazen” is _________?

A. unbreakable
B. glowing
C. irresponsible
D. shameless

Synonym of “compunction” is _________?

A. forthrightness
B. compassion
C. remorse
D. responsibility

Synonym of “unobtrusive” is _________?

A. self evident
B. clumsy
C. skillful
D. discreet

Synonym of “buoyancy” is _________?

A. durability
B. sadness
C. cheerfulness
D. simplicity

Synonym of “envisage” is _________?

A. visualize
B. surround
C. inspect
D. idealize

Synonym of “whorl” is _________?

A. rare gem
B. excitement
C. spiral arrangement
D. focus

Synonym of “inexpedient” is _________?

A. trivial
B. shrewd
C. ambiguous
D. unadvisable

Synonym of “temper” is _________?

A. trial
B. mood
C. extremity
D. synchronization

Synonym of “stigma” is _________?0

A. obstruction
B. disgrace
C. summary
D. honour

Synonym of “insouciance” is _________?

A. impertinence
B. unconcerned
C. humour
D. cleverness

Synonym of “imply” is _________?

A. weave
B. express indirectly
C. explain
D. set in motion

Synonym of “advert” is _________?

A. chance
B. turn against
C. circumvent
D. refer

Synonym of “abide” is _________?

A. approve
B. loaf
C. endure
D. suspend

Synonym of “mere” is _________?

A. incomplete
B. humble
C. only
D. inferior

Synonym of “interpolate” is _________?

A. explain
B. flee
C. reverse
D. insert

Synonym of “unequivocal” is _________?

A. incomparable
B. unmistakable
C. fearless
D. variable

Synonym of “domestic” is _________?

A. inactive
B. native
C. exclusive
D. exotic

Synonym of “bolster” is _________?

A. rest on
B. to brag
C. support
D. straddle

Synonym of “impel” is _________?

A. direct
B. urge forward
C. ward off
D. enliven

Synonym of “assail” is _________?

A. attack
B. scale
C. estimate
D. indict

Synonym of “immunize” is _________?

A. protect against disease
B. sterilize
C. render mute
D. benumb

Synonym of “avert” is _________?

A. oppose
B. surrender
C. prevent
D. affirm

Synonym of “impair” is _________?

A. weaken
B. entreat
C. mend
D. corrupt

Synonym of “declaim” is _________?

A. denounce
B. refuse to acknowledge
C. clarify
D. speak dramatically

Synonym of “omnipresent” is _________?

A. threatening
B. ubiquitous
C. all-knowing
D. hovering

Synonym of “sedate” is _________?

A. shy
B. impressive
C. calm
D. melancholy

Synonym of “onerous” is _________?

A. proud
B. possessive
C. droll
D. burdensome
E. sly

Synonym of “misanthropy” is _________?

A. generosity
B. badinage
C. vivacity
D. miserliness
E. hatred

Synonym of “succulent” is _________?

A. wicked
B. asking help
C. anxious
D. concise
E. juicy

Synonym of “querulous” is _________?

A. critical
B. questioning
C. complaining
D. curious
E. ambiguous

Synonym of “culprit” is _________?

A. wrongdoer
B. victim
C. cruel man
D. unpleasant person

Synonym of “dicker” is _________?

A. argue
B. complain
C. bargain
D. waste time

Synonym of “ordeal” is _________?

A. lengthy time
B. fair trade
C. adventure
D. painful experience

Synonym of “rankle” is _________?

A. irritate
B. amuse
C. warp
D. become arrogant

Synonym of “bowdlerize” is _________?

A. censor
B. add to
C. seize literally
D. become rowdy

Synonym of “capricious” is _________?

A. impulsive
B. instinctive
C. amusing
D. carefree

Synonym of “furlong” is _________?

A. lengthy stay
B. eighth of a mile
C. loneliness
D.quarter of a mile

Synonym of “collation” is _________?

A. correspondence
B. light meal
C. detailed account
D. witty conversation

Synonym of “warn” is _________?

A. alert
B. provoke
C. be quick
D. deceive

Synonym of “covenant” is _________?

A. garden
B. prayer
C. agreement
D. debate

Synonym of “desultory” is _________?

A. slanderous
B. thoughtless
C. disconnected
D. concentrated

Synonym of “impoverish” is _________?

A. punish
B. be unthrifty
C. oppress
D. make poor

Synonym of “implant” is _________?

A. inculcate
B. hybridize
C. till
D. transplant

Synonym of “abash” is _________?

A. insult
B. revel
C. be shy
D. disconcert

Synonym of “impugn” is _________?

A. attribute
B. attack verbally
C. hold back by force
D. press

Synonym of “affix” is _________?

A. withstand
B. complete
C. fasten
D. repair

Synonym of “assert” is _________?

A. agree
B. claim
C. boast
D. imply

Synonym of “plenary” is _________?

A. combined
B. timely
C. florid
D. full

Synonym of “adduce” is _________?

A. cite
B. persuade
C. solve
D. compute

Synonym of “impound” is _________?

A. haggle
B. break up
C. hammer in
D. confiscate

Synonym of “impeach” is _________?

A. accuse
B. jail
C. remove from office
D. slander

Synonym of “abut” is _________?

A. strike
B. border on
C. protrude
D. cut

Synonym of “impale” is _________?

A. entrap
B. terrify
C. transfix
D. summon for jury duty

Synonym of “abstain” is _________?

A. ignore
B. separate
C. refrain
D. frustrate

Synonym of “amend” is _________?

A. alter
B. subscribe
C. bring together
D. suggest

Synonym of “immerse” is _________?

A. float
B. conceal
C. saturate
D. plunge into

Synonym of “impend” is _________?

A. ponder
B. rely
C. menace
D. reflect

Synonym of “abet” is _________?

A. haggle
B. reduce in volume
C. encourage
D. wager

Synonym of “impede” is _________?

A. stutter
B. hinder
C. speed up
D. encourage

Synonym of “abate” is _________?

A. suppress
B. lessen
C. tease
D. give away

Synonym of “accord” is _________?

A. respect
B. grant
C. take note of
D. address

Synonym of “abound” is _________?

A. be plentiful
B. bounce
C. tie up
D. spread out

Synonym of “odium” is _________?

A. hatred
B. clumsiness
C. repulsive smell
D. fear

Synonym of “providence” is _________?

A. Ruin
B. Puzzle
C. Renounce
D. persons destiny

Synonym of “amnesty” is _________?

A. international agreement
B. exchange of prisoners
C. pardon
D. cease-fire

Synonym of “symposium” is _________?

A. amphitheater
B. honorary award
C. musical composition
D. conference

Synonym of “hyperbole” is _________?

A. swear word
B. high excitement
C. turning point
D. obvious exaggeration

Synonym of “umbrage” is _________?

A. offense
B. leave
C. peaceful attitude
D. shelter

Synonym of “chastise” is _________?

A. drive
B. tease
C. punish
D. sadden

Synonym of “inordinate” is _________?

A. excessive
B. bad
C. illegal
D. demanding

Synonym of “inane” is _________?

A. merry
B. careless
C. angry
D. silly

Synonym of “pneumatic” is _________?

A. pertaining to air
B. sick
C. automatic
D. elastic
E. plotted

Synonym of “hamlet” is _________?

A. benefactor
B. actor
C. small rodent
D. village
E. introvert

Synonym of “malfeasance” is _________?

A. criticism
B. seasickness
C. cure
D. misconduct
E. poor performance

Synonym of “superfluous” is _________?

A. disdainful
B. flowing
C. ornate
D. unnecessary

Synonym of “cuisine” is _________?

A. table setting
B. overall atmosphere
C. style of cooking
D. light luggage

Synonym of “ascribe” is _________?

A. sign
B. attribute
C. engrave
D. write

Synonym of “attrition” is _________?

A. regret
B. addition
C. attitude
D. abrasion
E. concentration

Synonym of “ubiquitous” is _________?

A. resigning
B. affluent
C. omni-present
D. omni-potent
E. omniscient

Synonym of “morose” is _________?

A. misty
B. gloomy
C. calm
D. damp
E. diseased

Synonym of “abrade” is _________?

A. unravel
B. to twist
C. scold
D. wear away

Synonym of “immolate” is _________?

A. baptize
B. to surround
C. vandalize
D. sacrifice

Synonym of “abscond” is _________?

A. to depart secretly
B. abdicate
C. yield
D. resign

Synonym of “implement” is _________?

A. entangle
B. to displace
C. carry out
D. guide

Synonym of “benchmark” is _________?

A. label
B. reference point
C. exhibition
D. repute

Synonym of “mangy” is _________?

A. long-limbed
B. sleek
C. shabby
D. voracious

Synonym of “contiguous” is _________?

A. proximate
B. emergent
C. distant
D. disparate

Synonym of “tango” is _________?

A. outburst
B. tropic fruit
C. desperate situation
D. a dance

Synonym of “cult” is _________?

A. tastefulness
B. snobbery
C. sect
D. yearling

Synonym of “prowess” is _________?

A. pride
B. beauty
C. outstanding ability
D. determination

Synonym of “audacious” is _________?

A. showing skill
B. full of energy
C. pertaining to hearing
D. recklessly bold

Synonym of “supplant” is _________?

A. stand by
B. to bury
C. displace
D. work under

Synonym of “lackluster” is _________?

A. dull
B. steady
C. fitful
D. obscure

Synonym of “viva voce” is _________?

A. in writing
B. lively
C. belligerently
D. thematically
E. orally

Synonym of “barrage” is _________?

A. dispute
B. quarters for troops
C. bombardment
D. large boat

Synonym of “serene” is _________?

A. patient
B. musical
C. happy
D. calm

Synonym of “imperil” is _________?

A. undermine
B. endanger
C. to threaten
D. frighten

Synonym of “endow” is _________?

A. embark
B. immobilize
C. to approve
D. provide

Synonym of “bombastic” is _________?

A. inflated
B. retaliatory
C. explosive
D. meek
E. enraged

Synonym of “inter” is _________?

A. hint
B. carry
C. bury
D. interfere
E. act as go-between

Synonym of “stodgy” is _________?

A. blunt
B. dull
C. sturdy
D. obstinate

Synonym of “bonanza” is _________?

A. blessing
B. windfall
C. fish fry
D. dessert

Synonym of “endeavor” is _________?

A. intend
B. to ignore
C. attempt earnestly
D. bring about

Synonym of “insurrection” is _________?

A. objection
B. discontent
C. revolt
D. disobedience

Synonym of “vermin” is _________?

A. fur wraps
B. welcome guests
C. true accounts
D. objectionable pets

Synonym of “halcyon” is _________?

A. shimmering
B. turbulent
C. exhausting
D. calm

Synonym of “hegemony” is _________?

A. mass migration
B. government by the few
C. self-governing state
D. dominance

Synonym of “plebiscite” is _________?

A. common people
B. militant youth
C. minority representation
D. direct popular vote

Synonym of “repatriate” is _________?

A. to return home
B. brainwash
C. colonize
D. repay

Synonym of “citadel” is _________?

A. conduit
B. mountain
C. palace
D. fortress

Synonym of “ramification” is _________?

A. combination
B. problem
C. reinforcement
D. consequence

Synonym of “contagion” is _________?

A. worrisome question
B. an infecting contact
C. concealment
D. lack of concern

Synonym of “reverie” is _________?

A. daydream
B. meeting
C. awakening call
D. adoration

Synonym of “nonchalant” is _________?

A. calm and casual
B. apprehensive
C. listless
D. negligent

Synonym of “hew” is _________?

A. cry out
B. chop
C. to obey
D. tinge

Synonym of “churlish” is _________?0

A. foolish
B. brave
C. boorish
D. shy

Synonym of “aver” is _________?0

A. postpone
B. declare
C. turn away
D. to balk at

Synonym of “ferret” is _________?

A. weigh
B. conceal
C. disperse
D. search

Synonym of “leviathan” is _________?

A. small
B. thin
C. gigantic
D. clumsy

Synonym of “pedigree” is _________?

A. ancestral line
B. diploma
C. warrant
D. public record

Synonym of “bicker” is _________?

A. offend
B. bargain
C. fret
D. squabble

Synonym of “inundate” is _________?

A. surrender
B. overwhelm
C. flood
D. destroy
E. conquer

Synonym of “pretension” is _________?

A. anxious feeling
B. absurdity
C. undisputed right
D. claim

Synonym of “behemoth” is _________?

A. holiday mood
B. huge beast
C. stinging insect
D. mythological creature

Synonym of Accost?

A. Confront
B. Solicit
C. Both a&b
D. Scorn

Synonym of Acerbity?

A. Astringency
B. Tartness
C. Sourness
D. All of these

Synonym of Addendum?

A. Codicil
B. Augmentation
C. Both a&b
D. Detriment

Synonym of Turmoil is _____________?

A. Reversal
B. Conclusion
C. Meanness
D. Confusion

Synonym of OBLIQUE is _____________?

A. Bore
B. Horizontal
C. Slanting
D. Disregard

Synonym of EAGER is __________ ?

A. Clever
B. Devoted
C. Curious
D. Enthusiastic

Synonym of WRATH is _____________ ?

A. Hatred
B. Anger
C. Violence
D. Jealousy

Synonym of BEMOAN is ___________ ?

A. Soothe
B. Lament
C. Denounce
D. Loathe

Synonym of ‘Shove’_________?

A. A strong push
B. Come out
C. Avoid
D. Fast

Synonym of ‘Rowdy’ is_________?

A. Crowd
B. Noisy and disorderly
C. Restrained
D. Push out

Synonymous of ‘Flank’ is ____________?

A. Side of a person right or left
B. In an open, honest, and direct manner
C. Far away
D. Hidden

Synonym of INFRINGE is__________?

A. Breach
B. Hard
C. Escape  
D. Bound

Synonym of Mull is __________ ?

A. Discourage
B. Help
C. Think
D. Provoke

Synonym of Decimate is _________?0

A. Destroy
B. Disfigure
C. Promote
D. Dissipate

Synonym of rebate is ____________ ?

A. Charity
B. Gift
C. Commission
D. Discount

Synonym of Diffident is__________?

A. Responsible
B. Shy
C. Upsetting
D. Polite

Synonym of Apposite is__________?

A. Revealing
B. Whole
C. Cooked
D. Appropriate

Synonym of Doleful is__________?

A. Sad
B. Famous
C. Happy
D. Enemy

What is the Synonym of the word “INDUBITABLE”?

A. Fraudulent
B. Undeniable
C. Certain
D. Doubtful

Synonym of Abysmal is__________?

A. Awaful
B. Dreadful
C. Atrocious
D. All of them

Synonyms of ABASEMENT is _______?

A. Taxation
B. Incurrence
C. Humility
D. Humiliation

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