The corona virus still kills more than 100 people today

The corona virus still kills more than 100 people today

The corona virus still kills more than 100 people today

ISLAMABAD: The third wave of Corona has intensified, with the deadly virus still killing more than 100 people today while more than 4,000 positive cases have been reported.

According to data released by the National Command and Operations Center, 41,699 corona tests were performed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of code 19 tests to 10,535,06.Number of certified corona patientsIn the last 24 hours, another 4,004 positive cases have been reported across the country.

Thus, the number of certified corona patients in Pakistan has reached 700,188.According to official statistics, so far 267,238 in Sindh, 237,594 in Punjab, 93,862 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 62,775 in Islamabad, 19,942 in Balochistan, 13,713 in Azad Kashmir and 5,064 in Gilgit-Baltistan

Number of active corona patientsAccording to official figures, there are currently 64,373 active corona patients in the country. The condition of more than 3,000 patients is critical.Corona death tollIn the last 24 hours, 102 more people have died from Corona across the country, bringing the total number of deaths from the epidemic to 15,026.

Number of recovering patientsAccording to the NCOC, 2,631 patients recovered from Corona in one day, bringing the total number of patients to 620,789.Corona virus and precautionsTaking these precautions against the corona virus can make it easier to win the war against the epidemic. Some time in the morning should be spent in the sun, with the rooms closed. 

UV rays in the sun’s rays affect the proteins that emerge on the virus’s outer structure and weaken the virus. High temperatures or heat have no effect on the virus, but high UV rays weaken the virus.Heat water and place in a thermos and drink half a cup of lukewarm water every hour.

The virus first infects the throat and from there reaches the lungs. Using hot water, the virus travels from the throat to the stomach, where the virus becomes inactive. 

The corona virus still kills more than 100 people today

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Author: Haroon Malik

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