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The number of corona patients in Pakistan has come down to 31405

The number of corona patients in Pakistan has come down to 31405

ISLAMABAD: The number of new cases and deaths of corona in Pakistan has been declining for the past several days and the number of active patients of the epidemic in the country has come down to 31,405.

According to the National Command and Operations Center, 21,256 Corona tests were conducted across the country in the past one day. 9,571 corona viruses were tested in Sindh, 7,038 in Punjab, 1,840 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1,302 in Balochistan, 106 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 268 in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

In 24 hours, 1063 new cases of Corona have been reported across the country, after which the number of confirmed cases of Corona in Pakistan has increased to 276,288 out of which 244,883 have been recovered. At present, the number of active patients in Corona is 31,405. The condition of 1,179 patients is critical, of which 227 are on ventilator.

In terms of provinces, Sindh has the highest number of tests so far, while the number of certified patients is the highest at 119,398, 92,452 in Punjab, 33,724 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 11,654 in Balochistan and Islamabad. There were 14,963 reports in Azad Kashmir, 2,055 in Azad Kashmir and 2,042 in Gilgit-Baltistan.

1, 063 cases in 24 hours

27 deaths in 24 hours

21, 256 tests in 24 hours

Precautionary Measures :

1. Heat water and place in a thermos and drink half a cup of lukewarm water every hour. The virus first infects the throat and from there reaches the lungs. Using hot water, the virus travels from the throat to the stomach, where the virus becomes inactive.

2. UV rays in the sun’s rays affect the protein that has emerged on the outer structure of the virus and weaken the virus. High temperatures or heat have no effect on the virus, but high UV rays weaken the virus.

The number of corona patients in Pakistan has come down to 31405