The real enemy of world peace

The real enemy of world peace

A few days ago, the Chinese Ministry of Defense issued a statement stating an undeniable fact that the biggest threat to world peace is from the United States. China has made this statement in response to a report submitted by the United States against it, but the fact is that the United States has always been and still is a threat to world peace. The United States destroyed many states for its own petty interests and shed the blood of thousands of people. On the slightest suspicion, they wrapped up the system of kingdoms and inflicted painful persecution on the innocent. Take a look at the list of devastated countries in the world today. Most of the American interests will be behind their destruction.

The United States stabbed the Arabs in the back by establishing an illegitimate state like Israel for its own interests so that they would always feel threatened and seek help from the United States. But in order to create this state, the United States destroyed Palestine and displaced and killed its people. Even today, the Palestinians are living in a very dilapidated condition and are testifying for the freedom of their state and the first qiblah. While Israel is persecuting the Palestinians at the behest of the United States. Similarly, what the United States has done with Iraq is no secret. Apparently with some skepticism, the United States invaded Iraq and kept the looting market hot for a long time.

Small and developing countries have no choice but to remain silent, because the institutions that were created for justice at the global level are also in the hands of the United States and its allies. So they obey him, so who has the courage to go to these institutions against the United States? And even if someone leaves, he never gets justice from here. Because institutions like the United Nations and the Security Council protect the interests of these world powers and have come into being for the same purpose, and under the guise of these institutions the United States is more active in destroying world peace.

The real enemy of world peace

Author: Haroon Malik

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