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Two and a half caror loan in second phase of Kamyab Jawan program

Two and a half caror loan in second phase of Kamyab Jawan program

Two and a half caror loan in second phase of Kamyab Jawan program
PM mran Khan approved second phase of the Kamyab Youth Program

In the second phase of the Kamyab Jawan (Youth) program, loans for youth, great news came. Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the immediate launch of the second phase of the Youth Program. In the second phase, the maximum loan limit for youth has been raised to Rs 25 million.

Kamyab Jawan Phase 2

According to details, the federal government has decided to start the second phase of the Kamyab Youth (Jawan) program immediately. Prime Minister Imran Khan approved it after meeting Special Assistant Usman Dar. The government has released Rs. 25 billion for the second phase and in this regard, the State Bank of Pakistan has issued a letter to all commercial banks. Banks will provide loans of up to Rs 25 million to youth for business. The government approved the review points of the Prime Minister’s Successful Kamyab (Jawan) Youth Program. The State Bank of Pakistan has relaxed the rules for banks and other financial institutions.

Kamyab Jawan Phase 2 Registration Form

Young people can increase their credit limit for business, housing and consumer financing. The relaxation of the rules is aimed at enabling banks and other financial institutions to have more lending facilities for the benefit of consumers, which in turn will create more employment opportunities and boost economic activity. At a time when millions of Pakistanis are losing their jobs and business is cold because of Corona.

Kamyab Jawan Program Phase 2

Earlier, the bank had set a limit of Rs 5 million for the successful youth, but now, according to the SBP, loans have been divided into three levels for the convenience of the people. For the second phase, the mark-up has been reduced from 6 per cent to 3 per cent and the maximum loan limit has been increased from Rs 5 million to Rs 25 million. Special Assistant Usman Dar said that the youth would be able to take loans of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 25 million for business.

Kamyab Jawan Program Latest Updates

Usman Dar said that the youth should only plan their business, the government will give loans without guarantee, the limit of guarantee loan has also been increased from Rs 500,000 to Rs 1 million. The Special Assistant added that in the second phase, another long standing demand of the youth has been met and all Islamic banks across the country will also be included in the program.

Kamyab Jawan Loan Phase 2

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All these loans will be charged at the rate of 400 basis points at the bank Kibor rate for the provision of all these loans, the entire cost of which will be borne by the government itself. All Pakistani men and women between the ages of 21 and 45 who wish to do business can benefit from this scheme, while the age limit for IT and e-commerce sectors has been reduced to 18 years. Has been given.

Kamyab Jawan Scheme Phase 2

According to the central bank, the term of these loans can be up to 8 years and can be extended for another year, while 25% of the loans will be given to women. For the first category the loan can be taken on personal guarantee while for the other two categories the bank policy has to be followed.

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