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Up To Date Agronomy MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Competitive Agriculture MCQs

Up To Date Agronomy MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Competitive Agriculture MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Agriculture MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Software engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) in past papers. Past papers of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. Past papers of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. The Important series of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs are given below:

The pH of urea fertilizer is _________________?

A. 3.5
B. 4.00
C. 8.0
D. none of these

A good source of vegetable protein is________________?

A. Egg
B. Com
C. Pulses
D. none of these

What do you mean by WTO__________________?

A. World trade organization
B. World trade order
C. Western training organization
D. none of these

Conducting experiments in glasses is called________________?

A. Invitro
B. In-ova
C. Invivo
D. In-sin

Auxins and cytokinins are__________________?

A. Growth regulators
B. Insecticides
C. Herbicides
D. Fungicides

The series of transformation which a nutrient undergoes in the biosphere before returning to its original formed is called_______________?

A. Nitrogen cycle
B. Nutrient cycle
C. Carbon cycle
D. None of the above

In pulses, limiting amino acids are__________________?

A. Theronine
B. Lysine
C. Tryptophan
D. Methionine

The ratio of treatment variance to error variance is known as_________________?

A. Critical difference
B. F-value
C. Correlation
D. I-value

The significance of difference among several means is tested with the level of_________________?

A. F-test
B. Z-test
C. t-test
D. X-test

Melilotus alba is objectional weed of__________________________?

A. Cucurbits
B. Methi
C. Okra
D. Wee

Which one of the following is C4 plain_________________?

A. Sorghum
B. Sugarcane
C. Make
D. All the above

The lowest pest population that will cause economic damage is called__________________?

A. Economic damage
B. Economic threshold
C. Economic pest
D. None of the above

Gaseous loss of a substance from the soil or from fertilizer or manure is called_________________?

A. Volatilization
B. Transpiration
C. Evaporation
D. Evapotranspiration

Resistance of plants to living organism is called______________________?

A. Vertical resistance
B. Biotic resistance
C. Abiotic resistance
D. Horizantal resistance

A foreign variety that is directly recommended for commercial cultivation is called_________________?

A. Pure line variety
B. Blended variety
C. Exotic variety
D. Hybrid variety

Integrated pest management involves________________?

A. Only chemical control method
B. Chemical and cultural method
C. Chemical, cultural, and biological method
D. Only biological method

A crop grown on residual moisture after harvesting rice is called__________________?

A. Dubari crop
B. Barani crop
C. Ratoon crop
D. Sure crop

Agro ecological regions of sindh are_____________________?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 4
D. 1

Fertilizer requirements of wheat under medium loamy soil is________________?

A. 100-70 NP kg/ha
B. 75-90 NP kg/ha
C. 110-60 NP kg/ha
D. 136-85 NP kg/ha

There is________________?

A. 43560 Sq ft in an acre
B. 46560 Sq ft in an acre
C. 40560 Sq ft in an acre
D. 47560 Sq ft in an acre

Root nodules in plant help in__________________?

A. Aeration
B. Photosynthesis
C. Nitrogen fixation
D. Respiration

Part of embryonic axis which develops into root is called___________________?

A. Coleoptile
B. Radicle
C. Plumule
D. Coleorluza

Tillage is field operation which help in cutting, loosening and inverting the soil for_________________?

A. Transplantation
B. Irrigation
C. Seed bed preparation
D. Fertilization

Foliar application of nitrogen means applying nitrogen in solution form to___________________?

A. Stem only
B. Leaves
C. Whole plant
D. Flowers only

Horticulture MCQs

The available form of nitrogen for plants is_________________?

A. NH4
B. NO3
C. Both a and b
D. none of these

Natural water as pH equal to________________?

A. 4
B. 1
C. 9
D. 1

A method of estimating seed vigour on the basis of color intensity o the stained seeds was described by______________?

A. Germ and Keitreiber (1954)
B. Kittock and Law (1963)
C. Moore (1973)
D. Maguire (1963)

Hybrid seeds are developed because they_________________?

A. Provide greater vigour
B. Produce better crop
C. Are more uniform
D. All the above

genetic purity is assessed through________________?

A. Seed testing
B. Inspection
C. Germination
D. All the a b c

The systematic arrangement of soil in to groups or categories is called_________________?

A. Classification
B. Perennials
C. Annuals
D. Ranking

One rooting hormone occurring naturally in plant is ___________________?

A. Indolebutyric
B. Naphthalene acetic acid
C. Indolacetic acid
D. None of the above

The contribution of agriculture in the GDP of the country is____________________?

A. 25%
B. 30%
C. 35%
D. 40%

Pakistan has a total forest area of about_________________?

A. 32 million ha
B. 22 million ha
C. 12 million ha
D. 20 million ha

The sever salinity problem has taken lands out of production as___________________?

A. 45%
B. 10%
C. 50%
D. 30%

In wheat total crop N uptake per ton of grain is about__________________?

A. 20-30 Kg
B. 50-60 Kg
C. 15-20 Kg
D. 70-80 Kg

Two much Mg may create deficiency for_____________________?

A. Ca
B. P
C. N
D. K

The contact herbicides are less effective to_________________?

A. Seasonal plants
B. Perenial plants
C. Broad leaved weeds
D. All the above

Tensiometer is used for measuring____________________?

A. Soil moisture
B. Wind pressure
C. Water pressure
D. None of the above

Mg in plants act as___________________?

A. Starch activator
B. Enzyme activator
C. Protein activator
D. None of the above

The given off water vapours from the surface of leaves is called________________?

A. Transpiration
B. Exudation
C. Respiration
D. Evaporation

A crop grown on residual moisture after harvesting rice is called__________________?

A. Ratoon crop
B. Dubari crop
C. Barani crop
D. Sure crop

The value of regression and correlation is the same when the correlation between two variables is_________________?

A. Positive
B. Perfect
C. Imperfect
D. Negative

Hitting the seed with force against a hard surface to break seed dormancy is called_______________?

A. Impaction
B. Stratification
C. Abrasion
D. Scarification

Seed bag labeled with white colour indicates_________________?

A. Pre-basic seed
B. Basic seed
C. Certified seed
D. Pure seed

The substance that an enzyme acts upon is known as___________________?

A. Mycotoxin
B. Substrate
C. Product
D. None of the above

Organisms which are genetically modified are called_________________?

A. Mutagens
B. Hybrid
C. Transgenic organisms
D. Strange organisms

The control and preservation of natural resources For present and future use is_________________?

A. Biodiversity
B. Conservation
C. Substainability
D. Environment

A process in which most of the organisms are killed is known as_________________?

A. Pasteurization
B. Sterilization
C. Heating
D. Neutralization

Diversity of animals and crop species in different ecosystems is called as_______________?

A. Ecology
B. Biodiversity
C. Mirgation
D. Ecosystem

Primary air polluted is________________?

A. SO2
B. SO4
C. SO3
D. None

Among the important green house gases two are found in higher concentration________________?

A. Methane and carbon mono oxide
B. Carbon and nitrogen oxide
C. Methane and nitrogen
D. None of the above

Precise assessment of pest pressure to evaluate Economic risk from pest infestations is called_________________?

A. Economic mjury level
B. Crop scouting
C. Economic threshold
D. None of the above

Pasturing system that allows short periods of heavy use followed by recover, period is called as_______________?

A. Differed grazing
B. Forage grazing
C. Hay grazing
D. Rotational grazing

A income farm where the operator is producing primarly his family’s needs rather than for sale is called_______________?

A. Intensive farming
B. Subsistence farming
C. Family farming
D. Progressive farming

A treeless arctic plan is called as__________________?

A. Barren land
B. Glaciers
C. Tundra
D. None of the above

In country’s GDP, the cotton accounts for_________________?

A. 2%
B. 2%
C. 5%
D. 10.15%

The maximum working depth of disc plow is_________________?

A. 300 mm
B. 400 mm
C. 200 mm
D. 450 mm

Soil Science MCQs

Drip method of irrigation is not suitable to close spaced crops because_________________?

A. High pump pressure
B. High water requirements
C. High cost on pipes
D. Unavailable of technology

The movement of water in soil profile is.known as__________________?

A. Absorption
B. Percolation
C. Diffusion
D. All the above

The critical stages in cotton is______________?

A. Boll formation
B. Flowering
C. Budding
D. All the above

EC of saline soil is equal to or greater than________________?

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D none of these

The depth of irrigation water required for the full crop period is called_______________?

A. Optimum use of water
B. Delta of water
C. Consuptive use of water
D. none of these

When one set of vegetation follows the oilier set of vegetation with passage of time is known as________________?

A. Succession
B. Biodiversity
C. Retrogression
D. Linear planting

Controlled run off, water supplies, irrigation, soil fertility is called as_________________?

A. Catchmento protection
B. Soil protection
C. Agriculture conservation
D. Saw logs

Very hot and winterless condition is__________________?

A. Tropical
B. And
C. Temperature
D. None of the above

A warm summer and pronounced winter is called________________?

A. Tropical
B. Arid
C. Temperature
D. None of the above

What is SAZDA_______________?

A. Sindhi Agricultural Zonal Development Authority
B. Sindhi Arid Zone Development Authority
C. both of the above
D. None of the above

Hyderabad district area is in_________________?

A. Thai range area
B. Cholistan range area
C. Raygistan range area
D. None of the above

The technical name of janter is_________________?

A. Sesbania sesban
B. S. oleaides
C. S. aphylla
D. S. mavretiana

Mesophytes are grown in__________________?

A. Desert area
B. Moist places
C. Dry condition
D. None of the above

Removal of branches for forage is________________?

A. Foraging
B. Lopping
C. Litter
D. None of the above

Hot desert has mean annual temperature of___________________?

A. 40°C
B. 50°C
C. 30°C
D. None of the above

The deficient level of N(%) in plants suggested by various workers is_________________?

A. <5%
B. <1%
C. <2%
D. 10%

Initial vegetation that invades and occupies the area is called_________________?

A. Pioneer
B. Resin
C. Range
D. None of the above

The total dry matter produced by a plant as a resulting photosynthesis is called_______________?

A. Biological yield
B. Physical productivity
C. Mass
D. None of the above

In rice, high silicon content, in shoot confers resistance to_________________?

A. Root borer
B. Stem borer
C. Leaf borer
D. All the above

Oka (1975) has suggested that me population size suitable for maintenance and seed production of a commercial crop of a self pollinated species should be________________?

A. 200 plants
B. 100 plants
C. 300 plants
D. 400 plants

Who described the method of estimating seed vigor on the basis of colour intensity of stained seed________________?

A. Maguire (1962)
B. Kittock and Law (1969)
C. Woodstock (1976)
D. Nicolls & Heu Decker (1968)

Seeds of wheat, paddy and maize showed positive correlation germination (%) and viability (%) as determined by________________?

A. Ageing test
B. Tz test
C. Test of genetic purity of seeds
D. Grow put test

Plant Breeding And Genetics MCQs

Who the a method of estimating seed vigour on the basis of color intensity of the stained seeds ?

A. Moore (1973)
B. Kittock &. Law (1953)
C. Nicolls & Hey Decker (1968)
D. Germ (1949)

Who gave the formula for speed of germination_______________?

A. Maguire (1962)
B. Moore (1973)
C. Baskin (1972)
D. Germ (1949)

Progeny of nucleus seed is called__________________?

A. Certified seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Foundation seed
D. Registered seed

Seed dormancy of nee seeds can be successfully broken by heat treatment at________________?

A. 50°c for 3-7 days
B. 54°c for 2-6 days
C. 45°c for 3-8 days
D. None of the above

Abnormal seeding growth in rice may be due to_________________?

A. Lack of integrity in seed cells
B. Intrinsic Mechanism
C. Endogenous inhibitors
D. Al the above

Abnormal seeding growth in rice is more closely related, with______________?

A. IID grains
B. LD grains
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

The potential means of enhancing productivity is_________________?

A. Quality of seeds
B. Seed density
C. Quantity of seeds
D. All the above

Electrolytes leakage is found greater in______________?

A. HD grains
B. LD grains
C. All the above
D. none of these

Use of linear measurements of plumule growth as a vigour test was first suggested by_______________?

A. Baskin (1972)
B. Germ (1949)
C. Woodstock (1976)
D. Maguire (1962)

Seed leachate conductivity is significantly higher in seeds having_________________?

A. Higher root weight
B. Lower shoot weight
C. Higher shoot weight
D. None of the above

Air contains___________________?

A. 50% nitrogen
B. 70% nitrogen
C. 78% nitrogen
D. None of the above

The oxygen concentration in the air is________________?

A. 16%
B. 21%
C. 30%
D. 45%

Cultivation of same crop year after year is called________________?

A. Double, cropping
B. Monocropping
C. Single cropping
D. All the above

Highly decomposed stage of organic matter is called_______________?

A. Organic acid
B. Cellulose
C. Humus
D. All the above

Narcotic crops mainly grown in Pakistan is_________________?

A. Cocon
B. Pyrethrum
C. Tobacco
D. Co see

Partially decomposed organic matter is termed as___________________?

A. Farm yard
B. Humusmanure
C. Composet
D. All the above

the layer of atmosphere which blocks ultraviolet radiation from sun is___________________?

A. Ozosphere
B. Ozone
C. Stratosphere
D. All the above

Due to phosphorus deficiency in plants____________________?

A. Plants mature late
B. Roots do not develop properly
C. Poor flowering and fruil selling occurs
D. All the above

The condition of drying of plant parts due to lack of water is called__________________?

A. Drought
B. Water stress
C. Wilting
D. None of the above

Generally field crops are cultivated at altitude__________________?

A. 0008000 ft
B. 20004000 ft
C. 1200014000 ft
D. 02000 ft

Plants uptake their nutrients from____________________?

A. Water
B. Air
C. So
D. All the above

Up To Date Agronomy MCQs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Competitive Agriculture MCQs