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Up To Date Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Agriculture MCQs

Up To Date Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Agriculture MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Agriculture MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Agriculture MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Software engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) in past papers. Past papers of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. Past papers of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs. The Important series of Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) Mcqs are given below:

The branch of Science which deals cultivation of land is called________________?

A. Horticulture
B. Agriculture
C. Geology
D. Petrology

Botanical name of American cotton is_________________?

A. G. hirsutum
B. G. barb dense
C. G. arborium
D. Non of these

Gassypium arborium is__________________?

A. Triploid
B. Diploid
C. Tetraploid
D. Haploid

Gassypium herbaceum was originated in______________?

A. Kenya and South Africa
B. Ethipia and South Africa
C. Indonesia and Central America
D. South Mexico and Central America

Gassypium hirsutum was developed from a cross between________________?

A. G.arbarieum and G.barbadense
B. G.arbarieum and G.thurberii
C. G.arbarieum and G. rainmundii
D. G.arbarieum and G.herbaceum

In China, cotton was cultivated as a crop in._______________?

A. 10th century AD
B. 4th century AD
C. 7th century AD
D. 5th century AD

Cotton ginning machine was invented by_______________?

A. Thomas Hough ten
B. Withey
C. William Black
D. Thomas Wilson

Among the cotton exporting countries the number of Pakistan is_______________?

A. 2nd
B. 1st
C. 3rd
D. 4th

On the basis of yield of cotton per hectare which of the following country occupies first position ?

A. America
B. Pakistan
C. Australia
D. India

On the basis of cotton cultivated area which on of the following countries occupies first position ?

A. America
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. China

In 1991-92 the record production of cotton in Pakistan was_______________?

A. 12800,000 bales
B. 1000,000 bales
C. 1200,000 bales
D. 1100,000 bales

CLCV stands for__________________?

A. cotton leaf cotton virus
B. cotton leaf curl virus
C. Cotton leaf cover virus
D. cotton leaf complete virus

Cotton plant belong to one of the following categories______________?

A. CAM plant
B. C4 plant
C. C3 plant
D. none of these

Cotton plant has a mode of germination______________?

A. Hypogeal germination
B. Epigeal germination
C. Both of the above
D. none of the above

Cotton is a crop of_______________?

A. Sub-tropical region
B. Tropical region
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

Bacillus thuringensis season cotton is a________________?

A. Fungi
B. Bacteria
C. Virus
D. none of these

Optimum pH for cotton plant lies between______________?

A. 3.5 to 5.5
B. 5.2 to 7.0
C. 5.2 to 9.0
D. none of these

The unproductive branches of cotton are called_________________?

A. Vegetative branches
B. Monopodial branches
C. Sympodial branches
D. Dipodial branches

Seed rat of American cotton per acre is__________________?

A. 10-12 kg
B. 15-18 kg
C. 6-8 kg
D. none of these

Recommended method for cotton sowing is________________?

A. Ridge sowing method
B. Drill method
C. Broad cast method
D. non of these

Best time of sowing for cotton is______________?

A. Mid June to mid July
B. Mid May to mid July
C. Mid March to mid April
D. non of these

Number of irrigation required for cotton crop are______________?

A. 8 irrigations
B. 6 irrigations
C. 5 irrigations
D. 4 irrigations

An example of monocot fiber yielding plant is_________________?

A. Cocos
B. Corchorus
C. Clemates
D. Crotalaria

Major source of sugar in world is_________________?

A. Water melon
B. Beet root
C. Dates
D. Sugarcane

Entomology MCQs

The depth of water required by crops during the base period is called_____________________?

A. Frequency of water
B. Duty of water
C. Acre inch
D. Delta of water

The heating of atmosphere by gases that are transparent to sun light but opaque to radiated heat is called________________?

A. Green house effect
B. Warming
C. Pollution
D. Solar radiation

The total dry matter produced by a plant as a result of photosynthesis is called_________________?

A. Biological yield
B. Dry matter
C. Harvest index
D. Crop growth

The application of fertilizer nutrients in proportions best suited to the needs of the crop is called_________________?

A. fertilizer use efficiency
B. fertilizer placement
C. Nitrogen use efficiency
D. Balanced fertilization

Soil water in excess of hygroscopic and capillary water which moves downward through the soil by the force of gravity is called______________?

A. sub-surface water
B. Capillary water
C. Gravitational water
D. Run off water

Weedicides that kill the foliage of weeds by direct contact are as________________?

A. Bromoxy nil
B. Paraquet
C. Trifluration
D. Loxynil

The living together of two or more species in a prolonged and intimate ecological relationship is called________________?

A. Symbiosis
B. Auto environment
C. Biosystem
D. Climate

Pulling of off- type plants from a cropped field is called___________________?

A. Rouging
B. Pruning
C. Weeding
D. None of the above

The ratio of actual cultivated area to a total farm area over a year is called__________________?

A. Cost-benefit ratio
B. Cropping intensity
C. Cropping pattern
D. None of the above

The wearing away of the land surface by wind, water, ice or other geological agent is called__________________?

A. Soil conservation
B. Seepage
C. Erosion
D. fertility depletion

The harmful influence of one living plant on another living plant by the secretion of a toxic substance is called________________?

A. Parasitism
B. Allelopathy
C. Allergy
D. Antagorusm

Which one of the following constitute the best defamation of fruit________________?

A. A fruit is a product of ovary
B. A fruit is a product of flower
C. A fruit is a mature ovary that contain seed
D. A fruit is post-fertilization product of the pistil

Barani Agriculture institute is located at _________________?

A. Islamabad
B. Peshawar
C. Rawalpindi
D. Chakwal

Certification is not required for________________?

A. Foundation seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Nucleus seed
D. Certified seed

Seeds which dried at low moisture contents and stored at low temperature without loosing their viability are________________?

A. Active seeds
B. Recalcitrant seeds
C. Orthodox seeds
D. Certified seeds

Prescribed germination percentage of foundation seed of ground nut is_________________?

A. 20
B. 70
C. 85
D. 90

Indus river is one of the longest river of Asia measuring about_____________________?

A. 2500 Km
B. 3000 Km
C. 2900 Km
D. 3200 Km

Main reason behind the shedding of flower in cotton is__________________?

A. Humidity
B. High temperature
C. Low temperature
D. Cloudy day

Sex pheromones traps are used for the pest of__________________?

A. American boll worm
B. Pink boll worm
C. Both a and b
D. none of these

Plant Breeding And Genetics MCQs

Root rot of cotton is a_________________?

A. Viral disease
B. Bacterial disease
C. Fungal disease
D. Airborne Disease

Raising of only one crop in a year, when there is seasonal supply of water is called______________?

A. Monocropping
B. Specialized farming
C. Monoculture
D. Intensive cropping

Effects of allelopathic compound in the life cycle of plants cause inhibition of________________?

A. Seed swelling
B. seed germination
C. Seed deterioration
D. none of these

Annual rye grass releases a chemical through its root that prevents________________?

A. Crop seeds
B. weed seed
C. Both a and b
D. none of these

Allelopathy is an important component in the development of future integrated strategies for____________?

A. Water management
B. Weed management
C. Soil management
D. none of these

Allclopatluc interactions in general and the allelochemicals in particular are viewed as an important tool for_______________?

A. Disease and pest management
B. Pest and insect management
C. Weed and pest management
D. none of these

Plants which grow on dry region are____________________?

A. Xerophytes
B. Hydrophytes
C. Thermophytes
D. Haplophytes

Crop rotation means growing_________________?

A. Growing green manures
B. Same craps
C. Growing different crops
D. Growing fodder crops

Critical factors for crop production is________________?

A. Water
B. Land
C. Pure seed
D. fertilizer

One hectare is equal to___________________?

A. 1.71 acre
B. 2.471 acre
C. 3.47 acre
D. 1.9 acre

The climates of sindh province comes under__________________?

A. Temperature
B. tropical
C. Sub tropical
D. all

The soil has got______________?

A. Five horizons
B. Six horizons
C. Seven horizons
D. Two horizons

The management of kind by planting a series of crops, pastures or following to maximize production with sustaining land quality is called_______________?

A. Crop rotation
B. Cropping system
C. Crop sequence
D. Crop management

Crop ideotype refers to________________?

A. Good plant type
B. Model plant type
C. Ideal plant type
D. All the above

The experimental design which control fertility level in two directions is known as________________?


Drought is measuring in terms of________________?

A. Photosynthesis
B. Yield performance
C. Root length of seeding
D. All the above

Soil reaction of preference of sugarcane is________________?

A. 7.03 pH
B. 6.00 pH
C. 8.00 pH
D. 6.5 pH

There has been emphasis on the conservation of wild relatives of cultivated plants because wild plants________________?

A. Serve, as valuable fodder plants
B. Grow better then cultivated plants
C. Needed to understand the origin of cu;cultivated plants
D. Carrying many useful genes which are lost in cultivated plants

The process of converting food nutrients to carbohydrates in plants is called________________?

A. Absorption
B. Photosynthesis
C. Metabolism
D. Assimilation

Plants which change from the vegetative to the reproductive stage by producing flowers and fruits when the day become longer is called________________?

A. Long day plants
B. Photoperiod
C. Short day plants
D. Phototropism

When crop plants adopt to a new environment are called___________________?

A. Accaumatization
B. Selection
C. Domestication
D. Introduction

The organisms which do not prepare their own food and depend on the dead organisms are called_____________________?

A. Obligatory parasites
B. Parasites
C. Saprophytes
D. Bacteria

The cotton plant sheds more fruits mainly due to_________________?

A. Higher dose of fertilizer
B. Higher temperature
C. More number of irrigations
D. Insects and pest

Dwarf varieties of wheat are more resistance to_______________?

A. Insect pest
B. Disease
C. Lodging
D. Viruses

Yield losses of rice crop due to weed infestation are___________________?

A. 5-15%
B. 10-20%
C. 20-50%
D. 20-60%

Wheat is predominantly________________?

A. Self pollinated crop
B. Cross pollinated crop
C. Often cross pollinated crop
D. Apomictie crop

Growing more then one crop in a season in the same land is called________________?

A. Double cropping
B. Monocropping
C. Intensive cropping
D. Intercropping

A condition of green plants in which they become unhealthy and pale fellow in colour is known as_________________?

A. Leucoplast
B. Chromoplast
C. Chlorosis
D. Chromoplast

The crop which are cultivated for grain purposes are called_________________?

A. Fiber crops
B. Cereal crops
C. Fodder crops
D. Leguminous crops

The best soil for cotton cultivation is_________________?

A. Loamy soil
B. Sandy soil
C. Silty soil
D. Clay loam soil

The herb plants have___________________?

A. Trunk
B. Non-woody stem
C. Woody stem
D. All the above

Horticulture MCQs

Water courses are lined to avoid_________________?

A. Evaporation
B. Transpiration
C. Seepage
D. Erosion

Progeny of nucleus seed is called_________________?

A. Foundation seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Basic seed
D. All the above

Use of tetrazolium staining for assessment of seed quality was suggested by________________?

A. Maguire (1962)
B. Moore (1973)
C. Woodstock (1973)
D. Germ (1950)

A method of control of pests in which natural predators and parasites are used without causing serious adverse environmental side effects is called_________________?

B. Insect control
C. Allelopathy
D. Chemical control

The transport of a substance across a biological membrane against a concentration gradient is called___________________?

A. Absorption
B. Active transport
C. Passive transport
D. Dissolution

Number of crops grown on the same piece of land in a year and expressed in percentage is known as_______________?

A. Crop rotation
B. Cropping index
C. Cropping pattern
D. Cropping intensity

In Pakistan, the total length of canal system exceeds________________?

A. 52000 Km
B. 59000 Km
C. 58000 Km
D. 60000 Km

In Pakistan the area effected due to water erosion is about_________________?

A. 22 million ha
B. 13.05 million lia
C. 12 million to
D. 15 million lva

The K is predominantly in______________?

A. Grain
B. Straw
C. Leaves
D. All the above

Low soil pH is the indication of_______________?

A. High Mg and Ca
B. Low N and Ca
C. High N and S
D. Moderate Mg and Ca

N mineralization is effected by soil pH_______________?

A. Above 10
B. Above 6
C. Below 6
D. None of the above

In wheat total crop P uptake per ton of gram is about;__________________?

A. 5-7 Kg
B. 2-3Kg
C. 5-20 Kg
D. 20-25 Kg

2,4-d is synthetic herbicide derived from_______________?

A. Valine
B. Amino acid
C. Auxins
D. Cytokmins

Penetrometer are used for measuring__________________?

A. Soil tilth depth
B. Soil compaction
C. Soil moisture
D. Soil seepage

Excess of nitrogen to plants causes_________________?

A. Delay in ripening
B. Delay in germination
C. Delay in growth
D. All the above

Root nodules in plants help in___________________?

A. aeration
B. Photosynthesis
C. Nitrogen fixation
D. Respiration

Up To Date Agronomy Mcqs ( Agriculture ) MCQs – Agriculture MCQs