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Up To Date Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) MCQs – New Medical MCQs

Up To Date Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) MCQs – New Medical MCQs

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Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) in past papers. Past papers of Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs. Past papers of Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs. The Important series of Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs are given below:

Which one of the following antibacterials should not be used with d-tubocuraine ?

A. Doxycycline
B. Streptomycin
C. Norfloxacin
D. Cefotaxime

Slufonamides mainly interferes with the bacterial______________?

A. Translation
B. Transcription mechanisms
C. Ribosomal function

A potent non-texic anti-herpes drug is_______________?

A. Acyclovir
B. Idoxyuridine
C. Vidarabine
D. Ara-amp

Amino glycosides_______________?

A. Inhibit protein synthesis
B. Accumulate in renal failure
C. Effective against gram negative infection
D. All of the above

Identify the drugs useful against pseudomonanas infection______________?

A. Ceftazidine
B. Ticarcillin
C. Amoxycillin
D. All of the above

Erythromycin is_______________?

A. Static in action
B. Cidal in high concentration
C. Cidal in action
D. All of these

Drug of choice to treat fungal infection in AIDS is_____________?

A. Aerosolized pentamidine
B. Ketoconazole
C. Acyclovir
D. Didanasine

Which of the following antibiotics is found at much higher concentrations in cervicular fluid than in serum ?

A. Penicillin
B. Clindamycin
C. Tetracyline
D. Metronidazole

Which of the following penicillins has the best gram negative spectrum ?

A. Penicillin V
B. Ampicillin
C. Methicillin
D. Cefixime

All of the following drugs are primarily bacteriostatic except______________?

A. Chloramphenicol
B. Sulphonamide
C. Ethambutol
D. Rifampin

Tetracycline when given to pregnant woman can cause_______________?

A. Increased intracranial pressure in infant
B. Discoloration/ staining of hard structures of foetus
C. Acute hepatic necrosis
D. All of the above

All of the following are features of streptomycin drug except______________?

A. Effective against g-ve organisms
B. It can be given orally
C. It is an antitubercular drug
D. None of the above

All of the following drugs are contraindicated in patients with G-6-PD deficiency, except____________?

A. Furazolidone
B. Cotrimoxazole
C. Nalidixic acid
D. Ceftriaxone

All except one are centrally acting muscle blocks___________?

A. Diazepam
B. Baclofen
C. Meprobamate
D. Dantrolene sodium

Ivermectin is indicated in_____________?

A. Intestinal nematode infection
B. Scabies
C. Filariasis
D. All of the above

Drug to be avoided in a patient allergic to penicillin is_____________?

A. Tetracycline
B. Sulphonamide
C. Ampicillin
D. Cholarmphenicol

Drugs which cause ototoxicity and circumoral paraesthesia are______________?

A. Antitubercular drugs
B. Antileprotic drugs
C. Streptomycin
D. Chloramphenicol

Which of the following is a characteristic of tetracycline stains ?

A. There is less deposition in dentine as compared to enamel
B. Stains are dark brown in color
C. Is always accompanied by hypolastic defects
D. Stained teeth fluoresce light yellow under U.V light

Which anti tubercullar drug will cause transjent memory loss ?

A. Ethambutol
C. Enthionamide
D. Pyrazinamide

Which of the following is the main difference between penicillin V and penicillin G____________?

A. Penicilline-V is more stable gastric acid
B. Penicilline-G is more allergic than penicillin-V
C. Penicilline-G is more absorbed from the G.I.T
D. None of the above

NSAIDS And Other CNS Drugs MCQs

Which among the following is the drug of choice for clostridium difficile induced colitis ?

A. Ciprofloxacin
B. Gentamicin
C. Metronidazole
D. Linezolid

More potent and non toxic drug against herpes virus is_____________?

A. Nystatin
B. Acyclovir
C. Zidovodine
D. Amontidine

All of the following statement about antimalarial drugs are correct except_____________?

A. Primaquine is liable to cause hemolysis in patients with G6PD deficiency
B. Primaquine eliminates P. vivax and P. ovale
C. Mefloquine may safely be given to air pilots
D. Halofantrine prolongs QT interval and causes dysarrythmia

All of the following cephalosporines are active against Pseudomonas Except_____________?

A. Cefotaxime
B. Ceftazidine
C. Cefoperazone
D. Cefaclor

Agent used in oral thrush_____________?

A. Clobetasol
B. Miconazole
C. Clotrimazole
D. Amoxycillin


A. Antifungal agent
B. Antiviral agent
C. Antibacterial
D. Chemotherapic agent

Mechanism of action of chlortetracycline_____________?

A. Inhibition of cell wall formation
B. Inhibition of protein synthesis
C. Interfere with metabolism
D. Interfere with DNA function

One of the drug is betalactamase inhibitor_____________?

A. Cloxacillin
B. Sulbactum
C. Ampicillin
D. Pencillin G

The following adverse effect of penicillin is dose related___________?

A. Intersititial Nephritis
B. Skin rash
C. Drug fever
D. Encephalopathy

The following are the indications for Metronidazole except_____________?

A. Amoebiasis
B. Ulcerative gingivitis
C. Trichomonas infection
D. Streptococcal sore throat

Traces of which of the antibiotics can be found in the gingival fluid after administration___________?

A. Tetracycline
B. Clindamyclin
C. Lincomycin
D. Penicillin G

Drug of choice in Amoebic liver abscess besides metronidazole is_____________?

A. Mebendazole
B. Chloroquin
C. Ciprofloxacin
D. Bephenium Naphthoate

Which of the following antibiotics is effective in treating oral candidiasis ?

A. Nystatin
B. Penicillin
C. Bacitracin
D. Tetracycline

Which among the drugs given below, does Not act by protease inhibition ?

A. Saquinavir
B. Ritonavir
C. Nelfinavir
D. Zanamivir

Drugs producing ototoxicity and Nephro toxicity are______________?

A. Quinalones
B. Aminoglycosides
C. Tetracyclines
D. Macrolides

Phototoxicity is the side effect of_____________?

A. Erythormycin
B. Demeclocycline
C. Penicillin
D. Streptomycin

Miscellaneous MCQs

Tetracycline chelates with______________?

A. Mg salts
B. Ca salts
C. All salts
D. All of the above

Antibiotic that achieves high concentration in Hard tissue, because of its molecular size is______________?

A. Ciprofloxacin
B. Ceftum
C. Clindamycin
D. Erythromycin

Bacitracin is a_______________?

A. Parenteral antibiotic
B. Topical antibiotic
C. Oral antibiotic
D. All of the above

Metronidazole is a type of___________?

A. Quinolone
B. Broad spectrum antibiotic
C. Imidazole derivative
D. Antidepressant

Cell wall synthesis is inhibited by all except____________?

A. Lincomycin
B. Cephalexin
C. Penicillin
D. Ampicillin

First line of antitubercular drug is_____________?

A. Ethambutol
C. Streptomycin
D. Cephalosporins

The aminoglycoside with least toxic effect is_____________?

A. Isoniazid
B. Ethambutol
C. Streptomycin
D. Kanamycin

Drug which is most unsafe during pregnancy is____________?

A. Ethambutol
B. Kanamycin
C. Streptomycin
D. B & C

Tetracycline in children causes____________?

A. Missing teeth
B. Calcification
C. Discolored teeth
D. Peg teeth

Tetracycline is more preferred in periodontics because______________?

A. It has anticollagenolytic effect
B. It is broad spectrum antibiotic
C. All of the above
D. None of the above

The most serious side effect of drug chloramp henicol is______________?

A. Photosensitivity
B. Candidiasis
C. Bone marrow depression
D. Angioneurotic oedema

Which of the following drug control lepramin reaction____________?

A. Streptomycin
B. Dapsone
C. Clofazimine
D. Ethambutol

Oral contraceptive failure occurs in a patient on Rifampicin because of____________?

A. Rifampicin induce the metabolism of contra ceptive
B. Rifampicin decrease the secretion of progestin
C. Rifampicin simulates gonadotropin release from pituitary
D. Rifampicin antagonize the action of oral contraceptive

Optic neuritis is a side effect of______________?

B. Rifampicin
C. Pyrazinamide
D. Ethambutol

Among the drugs given below, which is LEAST likely to be implicated in drug induced hepatitis ?

A. Ripampicin
B. Streptomycin
C. Isoniazid
D. Pyrazinamide

Which of the following is caused by Amphotericin B____________?

A. Hypo Kalemia
B. Hypermagnesemia
C. Hyperkalemia
D. Hyponatremia

Oral infection by penicillinase producing organisms should be treated with____________?

A. Erythromycin
B. Dicloxacillin
C. Ampicillin
D. Any of the above

Stepwise mutation for drug resistance is seen with_____________?

A. Penicillin
B. Garamycin
C. Streptomycin
D. Kanamycin

Which of the following penicillins is given by oral route ?

A. Benzathine penicillin
B. Benzyl penicillin
C. Procaine pencillin
D. Penicillin V / Phenoxymethyl penicillin

Ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity is caused by______________?

A. Antiviral
B. Antiemetic
C. Antifungal
D. antibiotic

One of the below mentioned penicillin is NOT given orally______________?

A. Cloxacillin
B. Carbenicillin
C. Amoxicillin
D. Phenoxymethy penicillin

Combination chemotherapy is used in tuberculosis in order to reduce____________?

A. Cost of therapy
B. Side effects of drugs
C. Dosage of drugs
D. Development of drug resistance

Which one of the following antibiotics chelates with calcium ?

A. Cephalosporins
B. Tetracycline
C. pencillin
D. Erythromycin

Chemotherapy MCQs

Clavulanic acid added to ampicillin causes_____________?

A. Increase effectivity against gram-positive organisms
B. Inhibition of B-lactamases
C. Increase the effectiveness against delta lactamase producing organism
D. Increase effectivity against gram-negative organisms

Cephalosporines have all of the following interactions except_____________?

A. Are used in upper respiratory tract infections
B. Are penicillinase resistant
C. Have a broad spectrum but are inactive against anaerobes
D. Show cross sensitivity with penicillins

In the treatment of intestinal of intestinal and extraintestinal amoebiasis which of the following drug is useful____________?

A. Chloroquine
B. Metronidazole
C. Diloxane
D. Cefaclor

The drug which gives orange colour to the urine is______________?

A. Rifampicin
C. Ethambutol
D. Streptomycin

Which on of the following is penicillinase resistant penicillin_______________?

A. Ampicillin
B. Cloxacillin
C. Amoxycillin
D. Penicillin G

Desfuroxamide is a drug used for____________?

A. Pernicious anaemia
B. Kala azar
C. Pain control
D. Thalassemia

A patient has seasonal allergic rhinitis and is on terfenadine, He develps cardiac arrhythmias after a course of antibiotics. Which of the following antibiotic could have been given_____________?

A. Tetracyclin
B. Ampicillin
C. Erythromycin
D. Co-trimoxazole

Antifungal drug not used in the treatment of imtestinal candidiasis______________?

A. Nystatin
B. Amphotericin
C. Ketoconazole
D. Clotrimazole

The drug of choice for treatment of tyhoid is____________?

A. Metronidazole
B. Tetracycline
C. Ciprofloxacin
D. Cefotaxim

The bacterial resistance to tetracycline is due to___________?

A. Alteration of dehydrofolate reductase
B. Alteration of drug binding sites
C. Inactivation of drug by enzymes
D. Decreased uptake of drug by bacteria

Mechanism of action of quinolones is______________?

A. Inhibits DNA gyrase
B. Inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis
C. Inhibits Bacterial protein synthesis
D. Inhibits intake of folic acid

Tetracycline is contraindicated in_____________?

A. Pregnancy
B. Children
C. Renal failure
D. All of the above

The antibiotic of choice in patients sensitive to penicillin is___________?

A. Erythromycin
B. Tetracycline
C. Streptomycin
D. Chloramphenicol

Chloramphenicol can cause_____________?

A. Staining of teeth
B. Bone marrow suppression
C. Aplastic anaemia
D. B & C

The therapeutic advantage that pencillin V has over pencillin G is____________?

A. More reliable oral obsorption
B. Slower renal excretion
C. Greater resistance to pencillinase
D. Broader antibacterial spectrum

Which of the following is primarily a bactericidal drug?

A. Sulphadiazine
B. Gentamicin
C. Chloramphenicol
D. Tetracycline

The most common side effect of the oral administration of ampicillin is_______________?

A. Oral candidiasis
B. Diarrhoea
C. Anaphylactic shock
D. Renal failure

Up To Date Chemotherapy ( Pharmacology ) MCQs – New Medical MCQs