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Up To Date Sociology MCQs – Latest Sociology MCQs

Up To Date Sociology MCQs – Latest Sociology MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Sociology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Sociology mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Sociology then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Sociology MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Sociology MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of objective questions and answers related to ( Sociology ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Sociology to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Sociology” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Sociology Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Sociology in past papers. Past papers of Sociology Mcqs. Past papers of Sociology Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Sociology Mcqs. The Important series of Sociology Mcqs are given below:

Lombroso claimed that_____________?

A. no act is intrinsically deviant
B. criminals were socialized underworld of crime
C. biological failings drove some people into crime
D. women were less likely to be arrested than men

The deviant subculture of homosexuals who met in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century London was called____________?

A. dolies
B. molies
C. polies
D. lollies

Which one of the following crime rates was higher in the United States than in Europe during the 1980s and 1990s ?

A. murder
B. robbery
C. rape
D. all of the above

Which of the following is considered a white-collar crime ?

A. bribery
B. consumer fraud
C. income tax evasion
D. each of the above

________________ view standards of deviant behavior as merely reflecting cultural norms whereas __________ and _______________ theorists point out that the most powerful groups in a society can shape laws and standards and determine who is (or is not) prosecuted as a criminal ?

A. labelling theorists conflict functionalist
B. conflict theorists’ functionalists labelling
C. functionalists conflict labelling
D. conflict theorists’ labelling functionalist

According to Merton the most common adaptation in the anomie theory of deviance is_____________?

A. conformity
B. ritualism
C. innovation
D. rebellion

A useful distinction between conformity and obedience was made by social psychologist ?

A. Edwin Sutherland
B. Emile Durkheim
C. Richard Quinney
D. Stanley Milgram

Which of the following is a leading exponent of the view that the criminal justice system serves the interests of the powerful ?

A. Richard Quinney
B. Stanley Milgram
C. Edwin Sutherland
D. William Chambliss

The career mobility of married women is still greatly handicapped by_____________?

A. other rival women
B. household duties
C. men
D. None of these

Now a days more women are joining different fields and making their own status in society This provides women a mobility ladder apart form____________?

A. Their children’s status
B. Marriage
C. Their father’s status
D. None of these

Societal Reaction theory begins with the fact that deviation is created by labelling an act as______________?

A. Normless
B. Deviant
C. Inconsistent
D. None of these

Downward mobility factors are_________________?

A. different from those
B. Same
C. Opposite to those of upward mobility
D. None of these

To a major degree the study of deviant behavior is the study of________________?

A. Social problem
B. Criminal behavior
C. abnormal behavior
D. None of these

Chinese social control is done mainly through group pressure Every individual is a member of a small group called_____________?

A. Danwie
B. Nessar
C. Communis
D. None of these

when we shift from primary to secondary group we also shift from________________?

A. General to specialized
B. Informal to formal
C. Formal to informal control
D. None of these

Groups are of two types the more close and intimate groups is_____________?

A. Secondary
B. Primary
C. Both a & b
D. None of these

Main source of social control is through ?

A. Social norms and traditions
B. Clan System
C. Law enforcing agencies
D. None of these

Selective confinement_______________?

A. maximizes effective use of prison bed space
B. does keep “hard core” criminals off the street
C. is an effort to address the problem of one-time criminals
D. cannot keep “hard core” criminals off the street

Which of the following is NOT part of the criminal justice system ?

A. prisons
B. military
C. police
D. courts

In their study of deviance control theory advocates ask ?

A. How does labeling contribute to deviance?
B. why are people not deviant?
C. Why are people deviant?
D. How does structural strain contribute to deviance

It is very important to Sammi to do well in school, so she regularly cheats on tests According to Merton’s structural strain theory Sammi is a(n) ?

A. ritualist
B. innovator
C. conformist
D. retreatist

Which of the following is NOT one of the three main types of social control processes ?

A. conformity with norms
B. the structure of social experience
C. internalization of norms
D. formal and informal sanctions

What is the most common reason people give for not reporting a crime ?

A. dislike of the police
B. fear of reprisal
C. too trivial for the police
D. best dealt with privately

Which of the following statements is true according to the sociological study of deviance ?

A. Deviance exists independently of a culture’s norms
B. Deviance is a property conferred upon particular behaviors by social definitions
C. Deviant behavior is an anomaly in social life
D. none of the above

New-style terrorism differs from the old-style in that______________?

A. it is rooted in religious ideologies
B. it has ambitions that are global in scope
C. it is less predictable than previous manifestations
D. it concerns local territorial disputes

Which policy is supported by the theory of broken windows ?

A. target hardening
B. zero tolerance
C. restorative justice
D. deterrent sentencing

Merton describes types of response to a situation where there are widely socially endorsed values but limited means of achieving them Which of his types describes an acceptance of the values but willingness to use any means to achieve them ?

A. ritualists
B. innovators
C. conformists
D. retreatists

Sociology MCQs

What is defined as non-conformity to a given set of norms that are accepted by a significant number of people in a community or society ?

A. recidivism
B. deviance
C. criminality
D. degeneracy

Which one of the following does Wilkinson identify as the main determinant of relative health in a society ?

A. social integration
B. social inequality
C. lifestyle choices
D. work patterns

Disciplinary power was exercised in the 19th century factories by_______________?

A. making routine tasks less monotonous
B. excluding women from participating in waged labor
C. punctuality uninterrupted work and the threat of dismissal
D. the use of corporal punishment by employers

The Mafia is an example of_______________?

A. non-criminal deviance
B. organized crime
C. white collar crime
D. global terrorism

White-collar crime is low in visibility because______________?

A. the proletariat can outsmart the bourgeoisie
B. it involves only small amounts of money
C. the police turn a blind eye to corporate crime
D. it goes undetected in the context of everyday business transactions

Sutherlands study of the professional thief suggested that_______________?

A. people are socialized into a life of crime by associating with others who define it in positive terms
B. those who were arrested and charged with theft did not define themselves as thieves
C. the majority of crime is committed by middle class people in professional occupations
D. the most dangerous criminals on the street were those who were highly skilled thieves

If a deviant act is normalized it is_______________?

A. the first step in establishing a deviant career
B. seen a temporary aberration from an otherwise normal character
C. recognized as breaking an important norm of behavior
D. attributed to the persons genetic or anatomical make up

The Macpherson Report highlighted the increasing problem of_____________?

A. overt racism in the police force that must be tackled by institutional reforms
B. institutional racism systematic forms of disadvantage built into the routines and practices of social institutions
C. hate crimes violence against ethnic minorities simply because of their race
D. growing numbers of asylum seekers in need of long-term accommodation

Which term was introduced by Charles Per row to refer to failures that are inevitable given the manner in which human and technological systems are organized ?

A. the Peter principle
B. the Per row principle
C. the school principal
D. normal accidents

Gambling public drunkenness prostitution and smoking marijuana are often considered ?

A. violent crimes against people
B. white-collar crimes
C. “victimless” crimes
D. organized crime

Which of the following offered pioneering insights regarding professional criminals by publishing an annotated account written by a professional thief ?

A. Emile Durkhieim
B. Robert Merton
C. Howard S Becker
D. Edwin Sutherland

Which of the following is a leading exponent of the view that the criminal justice system serves the interests of the powerful ?

A. Richard Quinney
B. Stanley Milgram
C. Edwin Sutherland
D. William Chambliss

Which of the following suggested that the punishments established within a culture help to define acceptable behavior and thus contribute to stability ?

A. Richard Quinney
B. Emile Durkheim
C. William Chambliss
D. Stanley Milgram

Sociology MCQs

If we fail to respect and obey social norms we may face punishment through informal or formal ?

A. deviance
B. techniques of neutralization
C. cultural transmission
D. sanctions

Social mobility may be experienced by______________?

A. Only by groups
B. Only by individuals
C. By individual or by entire group
D. None of these

Career and mobility patterns for men and women are_____________?

A. all alike
B. Quite different
C. Growing more nearly alike
D. None of these

Mobility of women was usually decided in the past through ?

A. Status of women in society
B. Status of their husbands
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

ideological notions of equality of opportunity are irrelevant in deciding the positions of individuals to different statuses in a __________________ system of mobility?

A. Broad
B. Open
C. closed
D. None of these

The society which lacks consistent guidelines for people to learn is termed as_____________?

A. Incoherent society
B. Inconsistent society
C. Anomic Society
D. None of these

If an individual fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the society he/she is usually termed as________________?

A. Abnormal
B. Obedient
C. Deviant
D. None of these

A great deal of leadership and authority rests upon the skillful manipulation of the group as a___________?

A. Source of help
B. Source of power
C. control device
D. None of these

Informal control exists in______________?

A. Primary groups
B. In social settings
C. Secondary groups
D. None of these

Lapiere observed social control as primarily a process growing out of the individuals?

A. Egoist behavior
B. Self-discipline
C. Need for group acceptance
D. None of these

A network of roles according to which each person accepts certain duties towards others makes ?

A. Social stratification
B. Social Order
C. Social background
D. None of these

In many societies newlyweds move into the husbands house at marriage This arrangement is referred to as a _________ pattern?

A. neo-local
B. poly-local
C. patrilocal
D. matrilocal
E. communal

The family structure has been profoundly altered by the twin processes of _______ and __________ ?

A. urbanization/vertical mobility
B. industrialization/urbanization
C. industrialization/vertical mobility
D. industrialization /horizontal mobility
E. horizontal mobility /vertical mobility

According to sociologists the critical agent of socialization is thought to be_____________?

A. formal religion
B. the family
C. peers
D. schools
E. the media

A set of behavioral expectations that are linked to chronological and biological age that change as we get older are referred to as____________?

A. activity norms
B. maturational motivations
C. age grades
D. continuity contingencies
E. disengagement techniques

The depression that occurs when the last child leaves the home is called______________?

A. childless anxiety
B. empty-nest syndrome
C. the nurturing complex
D. the fear of singularity
E. post-partum depression

The biggest difference between the theories of Freud and Erikson is that Erikson believed ?

A. That culture rather than biology plays the biggest part in socialization
B. that biology/genetics explains everything
C. that psychology is the dominant theory the social sciences
D. that there is no such thing as a superego
E. that men lacks a system of checks and balances in his life

According to Mead the earliest stage of socialization is called the ___________ stage?

A. maturation
B. play
C. game
D. infancy
E. preparatory

Sociology MCQs

The “looking-glass self” essentially explains ?

A. our sense of individuality
B. our sense of knowledge from all of the agents of socialization
C. our reflections on our own personal shortcomings
D. our self-concept both positive and negative
E. our imagination of how others see us

How people behave towards one another when they meet is referred to as ___________ by sociologists ?

A. social interaction
B. social psychology
C. sociobiology
D. socialization
E. psychometrics

Global studies indicate that one- _________ of all women have been beaten coerced into sex or otherwise physically abused in their lifetime ?

A. quarter
B. third
C. half
D. tenth

Aalia aged 7 lives in a private home with her parents her grandmother and her aunt Alice,s family is an example of a(n)?

A. dysfunctional family
B. nuclear family
C. extended family
D. polygynous family

Care for the elderly_____________?

A. falls mostly on the eldest son
B. is provided by the family in 40 percent of cases
C. is provided by the sandwich generation
D. none of the above

Research on the family life course indicates that_____________?

A. women with a first child are more likely than women without a child to report that their husbands do not pay enough attention to them
B. most couples consider parenthood a crisis
C. the marital adjustment rating rises after the birth of a first child
D. the psychological well-being of parents is a little better than that of childless couples


A. is generally available to all men in societies where it is permitted
B. is the preferred type of marriage in more than 40 per cent of societies
C. tend to be favored where large families are advantageous and women make substantial contributions to subsistence
D. usually involves the right of younger brothers to have sexual access to their brothers’ wives

My husband and my daughters constitute my____________?

A. family of orientation
B. extended family
C. family of procreation
D. none of the above

In a patriarchal family the major decisions are taken be the____________?

A. the male head of the family who wields all the powers
B. the male or female head of the family
C. Old men and women
D. None of these

Occupational gender segregation is used to explain ?

A. women’s increasing labor market participation
B. the belief that women control the private sphere
C. the allocation of men and women to different types of job
D. relations between men and women in the workplace

The term informal economy is used to describe_____________?0

A. the activities of small businesses
B. work where no money changes hands
C. transactions outside the sphere of regular employment
D. organizations with less rigid rules and procedures

Which accounts of the worth of education stress that it enables individuals to think freely and rationally which makes social progress and innovation possible ?

A. traditional
B. modernist
C. postmodern
D. vocational

What is an education system in which children achieve their status based on their own worth called ____________?

A. selective
B. meritocratic
C. comprehensive
D. elitist

Which term describes the process whereby religion loses its influence over various spheres of social life ?

A. secularization
B. fundamentalism
C. evangelicalism
D. alienation

Which is the most recently established of the great world religions ?

A. Hinduism
B. Islam
C. Judaism
D. Christianity

In which century was anorexia was first identified as a disorder ?

A. 18th
B. 17th
C. 19th
D. 20th

In 2001 in England and Wales what was the average age at first marriage for men ?

A. 25.4
B. 24.6
C. 27.5
D. 30.6

According to Weeks et al which ONE of the following is a characteristic of gay and lesbian partnerships ?

A. limited relational commitment
B. shared emotional labor
C. fixed domestic roles
D. significant power imbalance

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the rising divorce rate in the West ?

A. a reduction in the stigma attached to divorce
B. women have become less economically dependent
C. marriage is seen in terms of personal satisfaction
D. increased acceptance of same-sex relationships

Which term describes societies where the family name and the inheritance of property passes down the male line ?

A. androlineal
B. matrilineal
C. homolineal
D. patrilineal

Approximately how long on average did a Victorian marriage last ______________?

A. 12 years
B. 32 years
C. 22 years
D. 42 years

What term describes ties between individuals established through marriage or blood ?

A. network
B. kinship
C. family
D. tribe

Up To Date Sociology MCQs – Latest Sociology MCQs