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Updated Medical MCQs – General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) MCQs

Updated Medical MCQs – General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Software engineering mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Software engineering then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Medical MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive Medical MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of mechanical engineering objective questions and answers related to General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Software engineering to approach the success. Tab this page to check “General Microbiology ( Microbiology )” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) in past papers. Past papers of General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs. Past papers of General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs. The Important series of General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) Mcqs are given below:

Which of the following is NOT a live attenuated vaccine ?

A. Typhoid
B. Tuberculosis (BCG)
C. Varicella Zoster virus
D. Cholera

Stain used to make the wetted area of filter paper strip more visible is_____________?

A. Haemotoxin stain
B. Eosin stain
C. Ninhydrin stain
D. Blue stain

Out of the following hypersensitivity reactions, in which type a single dose of the antigen can act as both the sensitizing and shocking dose_______________?

A. Arthus reaction
B. Anaphylaxis
C. Serum sickness
D. Contact dermatitis

Anaphylaxis refers to the________________?

A. Severe reaction following the injection of protein solution in a sensitized individual
B. State of immunity developed by repeated injections of any foreign substance
C. Severe reaction following primary injection of Protein solutions
D. Severe reaction resulting from sensitivity to common allergens

Which of the following is not used as disinfectant________________?

A. 2% Lysol
B. 100% alcohol
C. 1-2% cetrimide
D. 5% chloroxylene

Components of innate immunity that are active against viral cells includes______________?

A. NK Cells
B. B cells
C. Cytotoxic T cells
D. Memory B cells

Chemotactic cytokine is_________________?

A. IL-6
B. IL-1
C. IL-8

Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance of micro organisms is determined by________________?

B. Culture
C. Direct microscopy
D. DNA probe

The cell wall deficient bacteria_______________?

A. Chlamydiae
B. Mycoplasma
C. Rickettsiae
D. Ehrlichiae

Negative phase is seen in ________ immunity?

A. Active
B. Herd
C. Passive
D. Local

When horse serum is injected intravenoulsy in to a rabbit and again in to the skin two or three weeks later, what is the necrotizing reaction that occurs as the site of the second injection________________?

A. Anaphylaxis
B. Atopy
C. Arthus phenomenon
D. Serum sickness

Bacteriology MCQs ( Microbiology )

Which is type II hypersensitivity ?

A. Delayed hypersensitivity
B. Anaphylaxis
C. Immune complex mediated
D. Cytotoxic / cytolytic type

A person working in an abattoir presented with a papule on hand, which turned in to an ulcer. Which will best help in diagnosis______________?

A. Trichrome Methylene blue
B. Acid Fast Stain
C. Carbol Fuschin
D. Calcoflour White

The earliest identifiable cells of T-Cell lineage during maturation are_______________?

A. CD7+ Pro-T-Cells
B. CD8+ Pro-T-Cells
C. CD5+ Pre-T-Cells
D. CD8+ Pre-T-Cells

The following immunoglobulin is not known to fix complement_________________?

A. IgE
B. IgA
C. IgM
D. IgG

The reaginic antibody is________________?

A. IgA
B. IgG
C. IgD
D. IgE

Secondary response is mediated by_______________?

A. IgG
B. IgM
C. IgA
D. IgE

Portion of immunoglobulin molecule with molecular weight to 50000_________________?

A. L chain
B. H chain
C. Secretory piece
D. J piece

Which of the following is true about pasteurization ?

A. It kills 95% of microorganisms
B. It kills all bacteria except thermoduric bacteria
C. It kills bacteria and spores
D. Tubercle bacilli are destroyed

Oil and Grease are sterilized by________________?

A. Hot air oven
B. Irradiation
C. Auto claving
D. Ethylene dioxide

Hot air oven is used for sterilization of all EXCEPT__________________?

A. Sharp instrument
B. Rubber tubes
C. Glassware
D. Liquid paraffin

Endoscopes are sterilized by using_______________?

A. Cidex
B. Boiling
C. Autoclaving
D. Gamma radiation

Killer and Helper cells are part of_______________?

A. Monocytes
B. T cells
C. B cells
D. Macrophage

T cells multiplication is stimulated by_______________?

A. Heat
B. Macrolin
C. Bovine serum
D. Phytohaemagglutinin

Same or closely related antigens present in different biological species are known as________________?

A. Isoantigens
B. Suquestrated antigens
C. Haptens
D. Heterophile antigens

Rh incompatibility is which type of hyper sensitivity reaction ?

A. Type III
B. Type II
C. Type I
D. Type IV

The killer cells are associated with immunologic response___________________?

A. Type III
B. Type II
C. Type I
D. Type IV

Mycology And Parasitology MCQs ( Microbiology )

The prototype of Type II hypersensitivity reaction is__________________?

B. Arthus reaction
C. Auto immune hemolytic anemia
D. Contact dermatitis

Cold sterilization refers to the process of sterilization by use of______________?

A. Ultrasonic vibrations
B. Ultra violet rays
C. Infrared rays
D. Gamma rays

A woman with infertility receives an ovary transplant from her sister who is an identical Twin. What type of graft it is ?

A. Autograft
B. Xenograft
C. Allograft
D. Isograft

Type I hypersensitivity is mediated by which of the following immunoglobulins ?

A. IgG
B. IgA
C. IgM
D. IgE

Active artificial immunization is induced by the administration of all of the following EXCEPT______________?

A. Toxoids
B. Bacterial products
C. Vaccines
D. Antitoxins

Immunity that is conferred to the foetus by transfer of IgG and IgA antibodies is called as______________?

A. Passive acquired immunity
B. Active acquired immunity
C. Natural active immunity
D. Passive natural immunity

The protective effects breast milk are known to be associated with______________?

A. Lysozyme
B. IgM antibodies
C. Mast cells
D. IgA antibodies

IL-1 and TNF a during inflammation are secreted by______________?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Activated macrophages
C. Plasma cells
D. Platelet

Virus infected cell is killed by________________?

A. Interferons
B. Neutrophils
C. Macrophages
D. Autolysis

Prozone phenomenon is due to______________?

A. Excess antigen
B. Disproportionate antigen antibody levels
C. Excess antibody
D. Hyper immune reaction

Most sensitive test for antigen detection is_______________?

A. Radioimmuno Assay
B. Immunoflourescence
D. Passive hemaglutination

Complement binding immunoglobin via the classical pathway is_______________?

A. IgG & igM
B. IgG & IgD
C. IgG & IgA
D. IgD & IgE

Function of Ig A is________________?

A. Acts as a mucosal barrier for infection
B. Kills virus infected cells
C. Circulating antibody
D. Activates macrophages

Antigen combining site of the antibody is____________________?

A. Epitope
B. Paratope
C. Idiotope
D. Hapten

Opsonisation is by_______________?

A. IgA
B. IgE
C. IgM
D. IgG
E. Both C & D

Bacteriology MCQs ( Microbiology )

Endotoxins are produced by________________?

A. Gram +ve bacteria
B. Fungi
C. Virus
D. Gram -ve bacteria

The antigen used in Weil Felix test is obtained from________________?

A. coli
A. Pseudomonas
B. Proteus
C. Staphylococcus

Most of the drug resistances occurs due to_____________?

A. Transformation
B. Transduction
C. Mutation
D. conjugation

Spores are disinfected by_______________?

A. Formaldehyde
B. Betapropiolactone
C. Glutaraldehyde
D. Hexachlorophen
E. Both A & C

Flash pasteurization of milk is done at what temperature______________?

A. 60°C for 15 minutes
B. 125°C for new seconds
C. 72°C for 5 minutes
D. 72° for 15 – 20 Sec

Mesophilic organisms are those that grow best at temperature of______________?

A. -7°C to + 20°C
B. -20°C to -7°C
C. 25°C to 40°C
D. 55°C to 80°C

The mechanism of genetic transfer where a phage serves as a vehicle is_______________?

A. Translation
B. Transformation
C. Conjugation
D. Lysogeny

Dorset’s egg medium is used for cultivation of______________?

A. Streptococcus
B. Staphylococcus
C. Gonococcus
D. Mycobacterium

Culture medium for corynebacterium diphtheria_______________?

A. Loefflers serum slope
B. Saboraud agar
C. Mc Conkey
D. Lowenstein Jensen medium

The best skin disinfectant is________________?

A. Chlorhexdine
B. Savlon
C. Alcohol
D. None of the above

The usual concentration of agar used in agar medium is___________________?

A. 5%
B. 2%
C. 10%
D. 15%

Louis Pasteur is not associated with_______________?

A. Discovery of Rabies Vaccine
B. Introduction of complex media
C. Discovery of M. Tuberculosis
D. Disproved spontaneous regression theory

Anaerobic bacteria can be cultured in__________________?

A. Loefflers medium
B. Robertson cooked meat medium
C. L-J medium
D. Sabourauds agar

Characters of exotoxin include all, except_______________?

A. Protein polysaccharide complex
B. Highly potent
C. Heat labile
D. Has specific tissue affinity

Following reaction are produced by heterophil antigens except_____________?

A. Weil-Felix reaction
B. Forssman antigen antibody reaction
C. Paul bunnel reaction
D. Widal reaction

Adjuvant given along with antigens are going to________________?

A. Reduce the antigenicity
B. Increase antigenicity
C. Increase toxigenicity
D. reduce the toxigenicity

IgG has subclasses_______________?

A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4

Toxoids are_________________?

A. non-antigenic and toxic
B. antigenic and non-toxic
C. antigenic and toxic
D. non-antigenic and non-toxic

Updated Medical MCQs – General Microbiology ( Microbiology ) MCQs