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Updated Medical MCQs – Latest General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) MCQs

Updated Medical MCQs – Latest General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) MCQs

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Latest Medical MCQs

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Latest General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) in past papers. Past papers of General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs. Past papers of General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs. The Important series of General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) Mcqs are given below:

During administration of NSAIDs in children, the most important of dose administration is______________?

A. Weight of the child
B. Nature of the drug
C. Age of child
D. Chronicity of pain

Which is a prodrug ?

A. Enalapril
B. Salmeterol
C. clonidine
D. Acetazolamide

Complete drug elimination occurs after how many hours, if t½ is 4 hrs______________?

A. 25 hrs
B. 20 hrs
C. 12 hrs
D. 30 hrs

Immune mediated qualitative drug intolerance is called______________?

A. Idiosyncrasy
B. Super sensitivity
C. Hyper sensitivity
D. Hyper acidity

Following drug which undergo most of its metabolism presystemically______________?

A. Verapamil
B. Salbutamol
C. Propranolol
D. Paracetamol

I.V anesthesia is_________________?

A. Propofol
B. Flumazanil
C. Sevoflurane
D. Naloxane

Drug which crosses placental barrier is____________?

A. Diazepam
B. phenytoin
C. Corticosteroids
D. All of the above

What is the advantage of sublingual route of administration of drugs_____________?

A. prevents or bypasses first pass effects
B. Lipid soluble
C. Easy to administer
D. Can be spitted out with signs of toxicity

Elimination after 4 half lives in first order kinetics is____________?

A. 80.5%
B. 93%
C. 84%
D. 4.75%

Majority of drugs are transported across the membrane by____________?

A. Passive diffusion
B. Facilitated trasnsport
C. Active transport
D. Filtration

IF patient suffered from exaggerated effect of pharmacological effect____________?

A. Side effect
B. Toxicity
C. Idosyncrasy
D. None of the above

A prodrug is____________?

A. The oldest member of a class of drugs
B. The proto type member of a class of drugs
C. An inactive drug that is transformed in the body to an active metabolite
D. A drug that is stored in body tissues and is then gradually released in the direction

Plasma concentration of drug at time 0 is 96g/mL. if t1/2 is 2 hours concentration is plasma at 10 hours will be___________?

A. 24
B. 48
C. 12
D. 3

Km value indicates______________?

A. Physiological role
B. Purity of Enzyme
C. Half life enzymes drug complex
D. Affinity

Drugs Acting On CVS, GIT And Respiratory System MCQs

The ratio of the median lethal dose of the median effective dose is the_____________?

A. Moratality index
B. Morbidity index
C. Anesthetic ratio
D. Therapeutic index

Therapetic index indicates____________?

A. Drug potency
B. Drug toxicty
C. Drug safety
D. Drug’s Lethal effect

Teratogenicity results when drugs are given during____________?

A. First trimester
B. Third trimester
C. Second trimester
D. Soon after birth

The following statements are true about intravenous route of drug administration EXCEPT____________?

A. Aseptic precautions are required
B. It is useful in emergencies
C. Bioavailability is 100%
D. Suspensions can be administered

The dose of a drug required to produce a specified effect in 50% of the population is_____________?

A. Td50
B. Ld50
C. Md50
D. Ed50

American society of anesthesiologists physical status classification system, P2 is a is a patient who______________?

A. With severe systemic disease
B. With mild systemic disease
C. Is healthy
D. None of the above

A drug A & B compared, all are true except____________?

A. 1 mg of A cause effect not caused by 1 mg of B so A is more efficacious
B. 1 mg of A cause effect not even caused by maximum tolerated dose of B, so drug A is more efficacious
C. 1 mg of A causes same effect of 3 mg of B, so A is more potent
D. Efficacy is not dose dependent

According to American society of Anesthetists, physical status scale Class III would be_____________?

A. A patient with mild systemic disease
B. A normal healthy individual
C. A patient with severe systemic disease that it not in capacitating
D. None of the above

Drug binds to activate the receptor is same fashion, which directly or indirectly brings effect, is_____________?

A. Antagonist
B. Inverse agonist
C. Agonist
D. Partial agonist

When a drug creates an effect that is unpredictable and unique it is termed as____________?

A. Toxicity effect
B. Side effect
C. Idiosyncratic effect
D. Drug on Drug effect

Drugs exhibiting first pass metabolism are all EXCEPT one______________?

A. Nitroglycerine
B. Morphine
C. Propranolol
D. Salicylates

Loading dose depends on_____________?

A. Volume of distribution
B. Rate of administration
C. Clearance
D. Half life

All the following increases drug metabolism by activating cytochrome enzyme, EXCEPT___________?

A. Rifampicin
B. Cimetidine
C. Tetracycline
D. Phenobarbitone

For Arsenic poisoning Antidote is_____________?

A. E.D.T.A
B. Penicillamine
C. Desferrixamine
D. B.A.L

Intramuscular route is precluded during the medication of________________?

A. Anti-diabetics
B. Anti-hypertensives
C. Anticoagulants
D. Anti-fibrinolytics

Chemotherapy MCQs

Drug efficacy refers to_________________?

A. The therapeutic does range of the drug
B. Maximal intensity of response that can be produced by the drug
C. Range of disease in which the drug beneficial
D. The therapeutic index of the drug

All of the following statements regarding biovailability of a drug are true except______________?

A. Biovailability of an orally administered drug can be calculated by comparing the area under cure (o-a) after oral and intravenous (IV) administration
B. It is the proportion (fraction) of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation
C. Low oral biovailability always and necessarily mean poor absorption
D. Biovailability can be determined from plasma concentration or urinary excretion data

Combination of ampicillin and gentamicin is an example of_____________?

A. Antagonism
B. Synergy
C. Indifference
D. Bacterial symbiosis

Which drugs had high first pass effect_____________?

A. Phenytoin
B. Amiodarone
C. Verapamil
D. Disorpyamide

Neuro adaptation to drug is same as______________?

A. Physical dependence
B. Addiction
C. Psychological dependence
D. Habituation

Idiosyncracy is known as to have_____________?

A. Genetic component
B. Psysiological component
C. Psychological component
D. Nutritional component

Zero order kinetics is seen with_______________?

A. Phenytoin
B. Erythromycin
C. Phenabarbtion
D. Digoxin

Drugs showing zero order kinetics of elimination_____________?

A. Decrease in concentration exponentially with time
B. Are more common than first order kinetics
C. Have a half – life independent of dose
D. Show a plot of drug concentration versus time that is linear

Therapeutic index is____________?

A. ED 100/LD 100
B. LD 100/Ed100
C. LD 50/ED500
D. ED50/LD50

Allergic reactions depends on all except____________?

A. Pharmacological action of the drug
B. Dosage of the drug received
C. previous exposure to the drug
D. Antigen antibody reaction

When allergic manifestations occur pursuant to use of antimicrobial agents, what of the following is seen____________?

A. Angioneurotic edema
B. Skin eruptions
C. Sialorrhea
D. Serum imbalance
E. Both A & B

Hepatic first pass metabolism is important in____________?

A. Drugs given IV
B. Drugs taken orally
C. Drugs given IM
D. None of the above

Secretory immunoglobulin is_____________?

A. IgM
B. IgA
C. IgG
D. IgE

The phase I reactions of drug metabolism include The following except_____________?

A. Reduction
B. Hydolysis
C. Oxidation
D. Conjugation

Updated Medical MCQs – Latest General Pharmacology ( Pharmacology ) MCQs