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Updated Sociology MCQs – New Sociology MCQs

Updated Sociology MCQs – New Sociology MCQs

This post is comprising of latest ” ( Sociology ) MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs “. Here you’ll get latest Sociology mcqs for written test, interview with answers. If you want to improve your knowledge regarding Sociology then read these mcqs of Design of Steel Structures.

Latest Sociology MCQs

By practicing these MCQs of Sociology MCQs – Latest Competitive MCQs , an individual for exams performs better than before. This post comprising of objective questions and answers related to ( Sociology ) Mcqs “. As wise people believe “Perfect Practice make a Man Perfect”. It is therefore practice these mcqs of Sociology to approach the success. Tab this page to check “Sociology” for the preparation of competitive mcqs, FPSC mcqs, PPSC mcqs, SPSC mcqs, KPPSC mcqs, AJKPSC mcqs, BPSC mcqs, NTS mcqs, PTS mcqs, OTS mcqs, Atomic Energy mcqs, Pak Army mcqs, Pak Navy mcqs, CTS mcqs, ETEA mcqs and others.

Latest Sociology Mcqs

The most occurred mcqs of Sociology in past papers. Past papers of Sociology Mcqs. Past papers of Sociology Mcqs . Mcqs are the necessary part of any competitive / job related exams. The Mcqs having specific numbers in any written test. It is therefore everyone have to learn / remember the related Sociology Mcqs. The Important series of Sociology Mcqs are given below:

A social system in which social position is fixed for a lifetime What type of social stratification does this describe ?

A. slavery
B. caste
C. Social class
D. estates

Martha and Susan work at the local factory ten hours a day five days a week They make the minimum wage with no overtime pay insurance or benefits One day they discuss their situations over lunch and express frustration over the fact that they never seem to make enough money to “get ahead “By the end of the conversation they have motivated each other to volunteer to work on Sundays They figure that if they work just a little harder they will make enough money to increase their social status Marx would say these women are demonstrating ?

A. the dedication necessary to get ahead in life
B. capitalist enthusiasm
C. class consciousness
D. false consciousness

According to functionalist’s society must be concerned with motivation because the duties associated with various statuses ?

A. are not equally pleasant
B. are usually not defined
C. offer individuals varying degrees of personal growth
D. are equally important

Carolyn supported her family by working as an administrative assistant She also attended law school and passed the bar she took a job with a small firm specializing in family law Carolyn experienced______________?

A. transgenerational mobility
B. horizontal mobility
C. vertical mobility
D. geographic mobility

Critics of the culture of poverty thesis point out that________________?

A. the theory is too cultural and fails to take into account psychological implications
B. the poor have had their access to achievement blocked by the social order
C. the poor simply do not want the same things that other members of society want
D. not enough research has been done to come to any meaningful conclusion

Life chances are________________?

A. the view that the poor possess self- perpetuating lifeways
B. the likelihood that individuals and groups will enjoy desired goods and services experiences and opportunities for living long and healthy lives
C. the respect admiration and recognition associated with a social status
D. the magnitude and manner of consumption of goods and services.

Which method of identifying social classes views social class as a statistical category formed by sociologists or statisticians or statisticians on the basis of income occupation education or some combination of these ?

A. the reputational method
B. the combined approach
C. the self-placement method
D. the objective method

Economic standing includes______________?

A. wealth that which people own (have)
B. job security
C. both of the above
D. none of the above

A system in which people have great difficulty changing their status is called a(n) ______________?

A. social differentiation
B. objectified system
C. open system
D. closed system

Stratified sample falls under______________?

A. probability sampling design
B. multi-stage sample design
C. non-probability sampling design
D. None of these

What is the idea that racism pervades all of society’s structures in a systematic way called ?

A. cultural racism
B. new racism
C. ethnocentrism
D. institutional racism

A minority group is one that is both disadvantaged and_______________?

A. has some sense of collective or group solidarity?
B. identifiably different from others in a society
C. numerically small compared to the main social group
D. holds views contrary to the social norm

The process of turning the class concept into something measurable is called_____________?

A. operational research
B. operationalization
C. modus operandum
D. operant conditioning

According to Wright some class locations are contradictory because______________?

A. there is disagreement about how to interpret them
B. they share features of the positions above and below them
C. their holders do not believe in the notion of class
D. they are impossible for sociologists to measure and classify

Arlie Hochschild’s The Managed Heart is an influential application of_____________?

A. social action
B. symbolic interactionism
C. emotional labor
D. symbiosis

Which of the following is NOT associated with functionalism ?

A. Emile Durkheim
B. Ralf Dahrendorf
C. Talcott Parsons
D. Robert Merton

Which one of the following is NOT associated with the materialist conception of history ?

A. the motor of history
B. the mode of production
C. the history of class struggle
D. the spirit of capitalism

Marx said that the development of the labor movement through factory-based production would turn the working class into____________?

A. a-class by itself
B. a class in itself
C. a class for itself
D. a ruling class

Mass-society theory suggests that_______________?

A. audiences make selective interpretations of media messages
B. the subordinate classes are dominated by the ideology of the ruling class
C. the media manipulate the masses as vulnerable passive consumers
D. the content of the media is determined by market forces

Weber defined a class situation as____________?

A. a social groups consciousness of their status and life chances
B. the exploitation of the working class by their capitalist employers
C. a person’s position in the capital product and labor markets based on their economic resources
D. the lifestyle of a social class as defined by patterns of consumption

Sociology MCQs

The capitalist class of the mid-twentieth century were said to join the upper class because them___________?

A. had direct personal ownerships of land and businesses as physical assets
B. emulated the lifestyle and cultural values of the traditional aristocracy
C. owned companies and financial assets that generated wealth through corporations
D. Participated in the same leisure pursuits and events of the social calendar

When sociologists study the structure of layers in society and people’s movement between them they call this____________?

A. social stratification
B. social conflict
C. social control
D. social solidarity

Social relations are directly proportional to_____________?

A. social Class
B. Caste system
C. Social status
D. None of these

Which of the following argued that a capitalist society has a dominant ideology that serves the interests of the ruling class ?

A. Talcott Parsons
B. Max Weber
C. Karl Marx
D. Margaret Mead

Global studies indicate that one_______________ of all women have been beaten coerced into sex, or otherwise physically abused in their lifetime?

A. quarter
B. third
C. half
D. tenth

socialization in children takes place___________?

A. between lower and middle classes
B. among the children of different classes
C. In the same class
D. both a and c

The determinants of social class are______________?

A. Money
B. Birth
C. Education and occupation
D. All of above

A stratum of people of similar positions in the social status continuum are termed as_____________?

A. Social class
B. Community
C. clan or tribe
D. None of these

The word stratification derives from the geological concept “Strata “meaning ?

A. groups
B. class
C. Rock layers
D. None of these

Resistance to certain aspects of development and social change in an effort to neutralize their efforts is called________________?

A. countermovement
B. counter modernization
C. social amelioration
D. countenance
E. post modernization

Principles such as efficiency calculability and predictability are all part of what Ritzer called____________?

A. McDonaldization
B. the service industry
C. post-modernization
D. the culture of commerce
E. post-industrialization

Which of the following was not identified as a major theoretical perspective on social change ?

A. Cyclical theory
B. interactionist theory
C. Conflict theory
D. Functional theory
E. Evolutionary theory

_____________ is the term commonly used to describe the early days of a social movement characterized by a general mood of discontent ?

A. Decline
B. Bureaucratization
C. Coalescence
D. Incipience
E. Arousal

What approach focuses on the ever-changing relationship over time between social movements and macro-level economic and political systems ?

A. Postmodernism
B. Political Process
C. Globalization
D. Linear Evolutionary
E. Counter-modernization

________ usually last longer are better organized more goal-oriented and have a longer lasting impact than fads or crazes ?

A. Social movements
B. Conventions
C. Developments
D. Hysterias
E. Protests

Rumors about a bizarre event that supposedly happened to someone far removed from the individual telling the story are often called_______________?

A. sports legends
B. urban legends
C. legendary tales
D. schoolyard tales
E. rural legends

Unverified information that is passed on from person to person is called a______________?

A. contagion
B. metaphor
C. convention
D. rumor
E. gossip

Emergent norm theory argues that collective behavior arises when expectations regarding how to act are_____________?

A. clear
B. encouraged
C. explicit
D. vague
E. repeated

Early theories of collective behavior emphasized ________ a view that crowd behavior is like a mental illness that a person cannot resist ?

A. contagion
B. group thinks
C. convention
D. expressiveness
E. reformation

Sociology MCQs

Which of the following describes a central change in contemporary life that has been identified by futurists ?

A. High tech industries are becoming energy-and materials-intensive
B. Modern societies are increasingly shifting from a national to a global economy
C. The United States is being restructured from an agrarian to an industrial society
D. all of the above

According to contagion theory the “mob mind” develops through_____________?

A. imitation suggestibility and circular reaction
B. norms of the status quo emergent norms and new norms
C. precipitating factors structural strain and structural conduciveness
D. fashions fads and crazes

Among the approaches that seek to explain the causes of social movements which one states that revolutions are most likely to take place when a prolonged period of social and economic betterment is followed by a period of sharp reversal ?

A. the capitalist collapse approach
B. the deprivation approaches
C. the resource mobilization approach
D. none of the above

The value-added model of collective behavior ?

A. presents three preconditions for collective behavior
B. is of little use in understanding the complexity of collective behavior.
C. states that each determinant expands the range of potential final outcomes
D. none of the above

Mass hysteria ?

A. never involves physical symptoms
B. is usually associated with some mysterious force
C. involves contained anxiety
D. none of the above

Which of the following is an accurate statement about rumors ?

A. Rumors are easy to verify
B. Rumors are effective ways to disseminate reliable information
C. Rumors are transmitted from person to person in a relatively rapid fashion
D. Rumors typically arise when people trust official sources of information

________ is the process by which a society moves from traditional to industrial social and economic arrangements?

A. Evolution
B. Development
C. Modernization
D. Social change

Marx saw conflict between ________ as the primary source of social change ?

A. classes
B. nations
C. ethnic groups
D. religions

Cultural lag________________?

A. occurs when the dominant group forces change upon the subordinate group which lags behind
B. is the adjustment gap between material and nonmaterial culture?
C. refers to new forms of social disintegration
D. is society’s way of avoiding the social problems that ensue from social change

Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding evolutionary perspectives on social change ?

A. Lenski argues that evolution depends largely on changes in a society’s level of technology and made of economic production
B. Contemporary approaches take a unilinear view of evolution and assume all change equals progress
C. Social Darwinists like Spencer see evolution as inevitably leading to the downfall of society
D. Parsons suggested that societies tend become simpler over time

_________ refers to the fundamental alterations in the patterns of culture structure and social behavior over time ?

A. diffusion
B. cultural lag
C. social change
D. modernization

A person is consciously motive primarily by his_______________?

A. Social values
B. Picture of himself
C. Real traits
D. None of these

The four principles of McDonaldization are_____________?

A. efficiency dehumanization automation high calories
B. efficiency calculability uniformity automation
C. efficiency calculability affordability consistent decor
D. efficiency Big Mac large fries’ milkshake

Sociologists like Bordo (1993) have attributed the epidemic of anorexia in Western cultures to_____________?

A. the social construction of mental illness through which normal patterns of behaviour are pathologized
B. traditional images of women as emotional domesticated and unassertive
C. a generally ascetic frugal lifestyle that can be taken to extremes
D. the new ideal of independent self-assured femininity combined with cultural values of achievement and control

The term vested interests was coined by social economist ?

A. Talcott Parsons
B. William F. Ogburn
C. Auguste Comte
D. Thorstein Veblen

Which sociological perspective minimizes change?

A. functionalist perspective
B. interactionist perspective
C. conflict perspective
D. each of the above

Which nation(s) has(have) witnessed a significant decline in voter turnout in recent elections ?

A. the United States
B. Great Britain
C. Japan
D. all of the above

Deviant is an agent of___________?

A. Change
B. neutrality
C. no change
D. None of these

Europeans gave firearms whiskey and small pox to India in exchange of corn potatoes tobacco This is an example of_____________?

A. Imperialism
B. Diffusion
C. cultural Exchange
D. None of these

Spread of cultural traits from group to group is called______________?

A. Cultural contacts
B. Intercultural harmony
C. diffusion
D. None of these

A new combination or a new use of existing knowledge is termed as______________?

A. Invention
B. Social Change
C. discovery
D. None of these

Functionalists accept “Change” as a _____________?

A. Change
B. Constant
C. Function
D. None of these

According to Marxian view each stage contained within itself the seeds of_____________?

A. progress
B. next stage
C. it’s won destruction
D. both b and c

Auguste Comte described _________________?

A. Two stages
B. Four stages of social change
C. Three stages
D. None of these

Sociology MCQs

Changes of relationships are primarily___________________________?

A. Cultural Change
B. Social Change
C. Individual changes
D. None of these

Changes in the social structure of a society is called_______________?

A. Structural Change
B. Cultural Change
C. Social Change
D. None of these

The Functionalist view on social change sees development and modernization both________________?

A. responsive but counterproductive
B. slow and adaptive
C. necessary and functional
D. humanistic and rational
E. abnormal and troublesome

The form of capitalism that thrives in some developing countries is characterized by a high degree of____________?

A. repression
B. success
C. anomie
D. relative depression
E. solidarity

_________ is a model whereby public funds are extensively used to promote economic development?

A. Democracy
B. A welfare states
C. State capitalism
D. Neo-democracy
E. A liberation government

People who are open to new experience and who tend to reject traditional patterns of authority are said to be experiencing ?

A. countenance
B. hysteria
C. modernity
D. a cultural hangover
E. anomie

When so much attention is focused on group survival the group often experiences __________ which is a loss of focus regarding its original intent?

A. anomie
B. immanence
C. hysteria
D. goal displacement
E. cultural lag

__________ movements advocate for progressive change using different methods than those that have previously failed and are often considered to be anti-government ?

A. Redundant
B. Reactionary
C. Reformist
D. Radical
E. Revolutionary

What theory of social movement development currently dominates academic though ?

A. Conflict
B. Contagion
C. Resource Development
D. Frame Alignment
E. Linear Evolutionary

The preoccupation with eating habits following the Atkins diet is an example of a(n) _____________?

A. interest
B. craze
C. fad
D. fashion
E. resistance

Gossip usually consists of information about a person ?

A. crimes
B. personal affairs
C. family
D. military record
E. work

A ___________ is a substantial number of people who interact on the basis of loosely defined norms ?

A. craze
B. contagion
C. group
D. collectivity
E. mob

What theory argues that only certain people will be attracted by the opportunity to participate in a given episode of collective behavior ?

A. Emergence
B. Convergence
C. Contagion
D. Structural
E. Reformist

__________ are the alterations over time in social structures culture and behavioral patterns ?

A. Social changes
B. Reformist movements
C. Collective behaviors
D. Modernization movements
E. Social movements

Social revolutions_______________?

A. are most likely to occur when political
B. involve the gradual evolution of existing state and class structures into new social arrangements
C. appear to follow no “natural history”
D. often begin with intellectuals withdrawing their support of the existing regime

Central to the concept of social movement is the idea that _____________?

A. social movements occur inside the institutional framework of everyday life
B. social movements appear only in times of controlled slow social change
C. people intervene in the process of social change
D. people do not readily undertake joint activity

According to Smelser’s model which of the following determinants of collective behavior occurs first ?

A. precipitating factors
B. growth of a generalized belief
C. structural conduciveness
D. structural strain

Updated Sociology MCQs – New Sociology MCQs