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Upgradation of 1227 Schools in Punjab

Upgradation of 1227 Schools in Punjab without any Financial Involvement:

The Punjab government has upgraded 1227 schools without spending a single rupee from the state exchequer. The education department has issued a notification for the upgradation of schools.

A high level meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s Office under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Usman Bazdar. Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that 606 schools for female students and 621 for male students would be upgraded across the province. Secondary classrooms will be set up in additional 3933 classrooms of elementary schools. Instead of transferring the additional teaching staff in the schools, they will serve in the same school.

He said that additional classrooms in schools would be used for secondary education. Rs. 16 billion has been saved by utilizing the available resources. Upgradation of elementary schools to secondary level would benefit more than one lakh male and female students. He said that elementary schools with 6 teachers and 9 classrooms would be upgraded. In the second phase, secondary schools will be upgraded to higher secondary level.

Education Minister Murad Rass said that SOPs are being prepared for schools and masks will be given to students. Arrangements will be made for hand sanitizers and hand washing in schools. PAF schools have completed 50% of their payments by May. In the first phase of construction of 2,000 rooms in Punjab schools, 1,000 rooms have been built. Danish School will be inaugurated soon in Vehari district. Education Minister Murad Rass, Education Secretary Saira Aslam and other concerned officials attended the meeting.

Upgradation of 1227 Schools in Punjab without any Financial Involvement

Upgradation of 1227 Schools in Punjab without any Financial Involvement