US-IRAN Spat & China

Trump’s foreign policy presents a buffet of opportunities to China. When the US absents itself from international leadership, China can decide to step in or to stay aloof. There are only a handful of issues, like North Korea, where China is inherently engaged. Even with its forever friend Pakistan, China can stay out of thorny problems.

Iran is not the recent part of China’s neighborhood policy but China is fundamental part of the Iranian security challenge. China was seems to be signing a nuclear deal with Iran. First of all, they were the real partner in building pressure on Tehran. Beijing voted for six (6) UN Security Council resolutions targeting Iran between 2006 & 2010 and China’s oil imports from Iran fell by more than twenty (20%) percent in 2012-2013 when US was steeping its strangulating sanctions campaign. Due to being the biggest oil consumer of Iran, Chinese cooperation was essential. China was then critic to constructing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the Iran Nuclear Deal. China is now in the position to save the remaining version of the JCPOA after US withdrawal.

Now, how would China need to Join Europe and Russian to show that the Washington, not Tehran finds itself isolated? Second, China needs to prolong cooperation with Iran on Civil nuclear projects. China has been alarming as Iran’s main partner in reconstructing the Arab heavy water reactor, not desiring to get forward of the US but now it would require to get political ease from a more complicated coalition. Continued negotiations over power reactor and cooperation on scientific or regulatory issues also matters. Any nuclear cooperation derives towards risking US sanctions and the complexity they can create for Chinese commercial nuclear ambitions to allow Iran to continue to enjoy the advantages of the deal, and both have political and technically meaning to Tehran. China will either finalize to secure the JCPOA or not, but it cannot b ear the responsibility of choice The approach of Beijing regarding this challenge will definitely be special to the foreign non-proliferation regime and to middle East survival, but it will also be directive for Chia viewers to see how Beijing fights with the policy problem away fights with the policy problems away from home when it is a part of rather than apart from the issue.

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