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Useful Tips to improve Education System in Pakistan

Education implements long lasting influence on any individual’s life and significant effect on a prosperous State. It directly remarks the Education system. The Education system is a backbone of any society’s courteous generation.

The Education system comprises of Institutions that provide Private and Public education which has been divided into primary, middle, high, higher secondary and university sector. While taking a rough view through our education system we come to know that we are a victim of double standards.

There are two different grades of education provided among lower and upper class students. The private educational institutes provide a high quality Education system as compared to the Public sector where all of the system is rotten.

There are things that must be pondered upon to understand the whole system of education. Let’s assume some degrading points of our education system as mentioned below:

(1) Parental Illiteracy

(2) Education expenses

(3) Lack of counseling

(4) Untrained, Disloyal or/and inexperienced Teachers

(5) Partiality among pupils

(6) Poor syllabus

A literate or at least conscionable parent can choose a better latform of education for its child.

The very high expenses related to our system including un-affordable fees, transportation issues also cause a collapse.

The mainstream of counseling among students; is their parent or teacher. If they are not guided well for their future or even misled about their interest as well as they lose the charm of goal.

A well trained or experienced teacher acquires the main role in constructing the whole character around its student. He/She further needs loyalty and compassion towards its profession.

The double standards of higher and upper class ruin the whole education system itself.

After teacher’s Guidance the main source of education is syllabus. Our boards offer different quality of syllabus for each province which causes authentication and understanding gap among the generation.

The government will have to take serious steps towards the up gradation of the Education system by creating a whole new framework. Our government should make some highlights to make some responsive changes in the Education system it can take the following steps which are as under:-

  1. Government should Arrange Parental guidance classes as to enhance their child’s mental growth, parent’s goal should not be forced upon child’s interest & studies should not only be implied for the sake of results.
  2. The Education expenses should be minimized and try to offer uniform standards of education system for the lower and upper class people.
  3. Government should approach to the Teachers training seminars. Teachers should be well trained as to build the building blocks of the nation and not the sluggish learners. They should be provided with the whole learning equipment i.e High quality curriculum, practical tools. Studies should not be emphasized upon students, but they should be provided with a peaceful environment of learning.
  4. During the higher secondary education Student should be reminded of its goal, it’s field of interest to flourish that field of attraction towards the professional skill.
  5. Teachers should be paid with handsome amounts as to fulfill their basic needs.
  6. Syllabus is the main constituent of the personality of once life. The quality of a book describes every segment of a person’s conduct. Government should lessen the quantity of books and should take notice about its peculiarity instead Islamic knowledge should be requisite from primary to the university level.
  7. The learners should not only be the cramming machines they should not only acquire knowledge through schooling but they should be morally brought up as responsible human beings.
  8. Education should be categorized into methods as to spread work among categories of people from parents to every responsible man related to this task or it would be as difficult as someone said

“It is easier to land a man on the moon than to change the Education system.”

Author: Flavia Baloch

Education: Masters in Arts (English Language & Literature)

Expertise: Content & Blog Writer

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