Voiceless Prisoners

In the Era of twenty 1st century, where prosperity of every nation reflects the higher contribution of its women population. The man and woman are definitely like two wheels of the car, for the leaps and bounds progress of the nation. It is universal truth that wondrous or extraordinary education system for both male and female is essential for the development of the nation.

Fourteen (14) centuries ago the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said ” To get Knowledge it is compulsory for all Muslim either male or female”.  Former FRENCH Army General Napoleon Bonaparte had said; “if you want a great nation from me then give me educated mothers”. Despite the fact, Ex FATA which is now renowned as Newly Merged Districts (NMDs) of KPK is one of the marginalized areas of Pakistan regarding female education as male education also not in a big proportion but almost female education trifling over there.

According to FATA annual education census 2017, thirty seven percent 37% girls are enrolled in the primary school, five percent 5% in secondary; in comparison with forty nine
percent 49% boys in the primary level and seventeen percent 17% of the boys in the secondary schools. 2, 074 Schools for girls and 3, 027 for boys are insufficient at a big extent to fulfill the educational requirements of more than 1,765,118 children’s (School going age (4 to 14 years old) half of which are girls. 1,100 Schools were demolished by Taliban’s post 9/11.The article 37 of the constitution tells, that it is obligation of the state to provide free and compulsory education to all citizens of Pakistan. According to the statistical report of the Directorate of education Ex FATA 2013 and 2014 says that there should be 1.5 km distance between School and hometown.

According to one of the survey conducted by Ex FATA secretariat and Bureau of Statistics, only 7.8% of the adult women were literate, compared to forty five percent 45% of the men. Overall the literacy rate of adult in FATA is 28.4%, while the national average is 58%. At least 44.2% children in FATA never been enrolled in Schools.

By observing the statistical reports one can easily imagine the oppressed image of the NMDs Females. In one place Hazrat Ali (R. A) beautifully quoted that the absolute and actual orphan is the one whom parents deprived from the right of getting education. In the context, most of the girls are unfortunately enjoying the orphanage in the NMD’s. Batool Bibi a girl from NMD,s expressed her views when she was halted to get education after 6th class “When I knew about the girls of the other parts of my country, busy in getting education regarding all walks of life, I just get shocked that, why not me? What’s wrong with me that am supposed to be inside home boundary?

Aftermath, on every next day I came to know that girls of the different parts of the country are also getting a chance for Providing Services, almost  in all disciplines, even in the Armed Forces as well. Then I get astonished and went to the next level of grief and sorrow, again asked myself why not me? O my God why am deprived of giving services to my nation? Why am ignoring at such a big extent? Do not know how big sinner I am? Quizzes all these questions from my self leads me towards a serious debate on this issue with my parents one day, Bibi Batool added. Mama told me dear Batool I think you are unaware about our customs and rituals constraints.

Without wasting a single moment, I sharply gave all the references of Islamic teachings about all rights of females including right of getting education. Mama said; you are absolutely right but my daughter u doesn’t know, I think that we have a rigid culture too added Mom. Yeah my daughter, your Mama is on right track, how can we allow u to travel miles away to secondary and high school? What will our relatives and other villagers getting us, that we are sending daughter miles away to school, college then university? It was added by Batool’s papa.

I get astonished a lot, when heard these arguments of Papa, Then said in a very decent way that Dear papa I knew through teachers that when a girl wear the Headscarf or  Hijab according to Islamic rules, then she is allowed even in the field of battle for the sake of the nation. on this Papa went into a deep thinking and took a deep sigh and said “My son u are right but you are also aware of the fact that am not in the condition to afford such high expenses of your education too, as your brothers are already expanding too much on education,  papa added. Listening this I started to weep and replied, dear papa am not from your Descendants? Papa said yes you are, but am compelled due to hands of poverty, so what I can do my daughter? I am helpless here. Looking at Papa tearful eyes my brother Rizwan got angry on me and told me o sister what do you want?

I think you want to challenge our pudency in the surroundings? I sharply said what? He replied your this demand is a question mark on our pudency and dignity; we can’t let you allow to full fill your these desires.

I replied if like my family all other families of our region did not allow their girls for getting education and then serving the nation in different walks of life, then u knows what would be its bad consequences? He asked me in an angry tone, you philosopher just tell me even only one bad example of consequence? I told him dear brother where your pudency disappears in Gynea ward, when you people are sending your wives, sisters and mothers for delivery cases in front of Male doctors? Do you know there are very less lady doctors in the Gynea wards in our hospitals due to our hard culture? Here my brother was without answer then.”

Dear readers not only Batool Bibi is facing such situations, like her there are thousands Voiceless prisoners in NMD’s regarding girls rights.

So it’s the foremost duty of the federal and provincial governments to take serious measures to tackle these serious situations by Executing serious educational campaign in newly merged districts. The Parents should be convinced through Symposiums, conventions, seminars, workshops, walks etc about the importance of girl’s education. Strict pushtoon culture should be replaced with Islamic code of conduct in regard of girl’s education.

It should be cleared am not talking about the promotion of Coeducation, am only emphasizes on the promotion of girls education, for which separate girls schools, colleges and universities  will be accepted by almost all people. Poverty is also a big hurdle in this regard, so government should allocate maximum budget for the educational development of this region. Lack of Schools, Colleges and universities inside these newly merged Districts is also one of the attentions catching issue. So these should be built on a reasonable distance as already prescribed 1.5 km by the government.

The vacant posts should be urgently filled and all the appointments should be on merit. Even in Primary level the teacher’s qualification should be Master degree or more. Government, Religious Scholars and civil societies should ensure Peaceful environment for girl’s education. Surely, I could claim here if government shows serious interest over here, then the mothers of this region will not handover the pistol to their sons.

Unemployment will be decreased which will lead the region to the peace and prosperity. Coming generation will be the offspring of educated mothers and then the upbringing in the laps of these educated mothers truly change the fate of whole country.

And this part of Pakistan soil will also produce a number of nation proud daughters like genius and brave Arfa Kareem etc.

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