Wells for stealing customers’ goods

Wells for stealing customers’ goods

Wells for stealing customers' goods

Alaska: Crows are known for their cunning and cunning, but Alaska crows have set a new precedent by stealing the goods of shoppers.

According to reports, some customers who shop at some of the supermarkets in the US state of Alaska say that the crows stole food items from their goods with such agility and skill that they were surprised.Matt Livlin, a customer of Costco’s supermarket in Anchorage, Alaska, told local media that when he left with food and other necessities for home, he opened the lock of his car parked in the parking lot. Meanwhile, some crows quietly stormed his shopping cart.

In just a few seconds, they stole a piece of meat and bone from his luggage. By the time Matt saw them back, they were still flying. In the meantime, he had torn up another bag of groceries, but the work was incomplete.

Matt says the piece of meat was quite large, but the crows were also quite large, which is probably why they stole the piece and took it away so easily.The important thing is that these crows do not attack or harass any buyer. Instead, they wait for the buyer to arrive at the parking lot and away from the shopping cart to open the car door.”Looks like they’re planning to steal. 

Wells for stealing customers’ goods

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Author: Haroon Malik

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