What are the Functions of Operating System?

Functions of Operating System

Operating system provides an extensive verity of functions.  Below are shown the imperative operating system functions we believe are worth rating.

  • Process management
  • Memory management
  • File and disk management
  • Security management
  • Input/output or device management
  • Interpretation of command

Process management

Operating system is liable to deal with the different processes as Central processing unit(CPU) can execute one function at a time so in case of many responsibilities operating system will decide which task the central processing unit should get first for implementation. Operating system is exceptionally responsible for following mentioned activities in this regards. Suspending and resuming the different processes. It is also liable to provide the mechanism for process synchronization, communication as well as deadlock handling.

Memory Management

For the sake of managing the memory operating system perform immense job. Means provide the memory to the processes and later than after the completion of the process operating system de-allocate the memory from the process.

File and Disk Management

Operating system is dependable for keeping track of different files. the tasks regarding creating,saving,opening,modifying,closing,renaming as  well as deleting  files are done with the help of O.S.in context of disk management the task as free space management ,storage allocation and disk scheduling are performed by operating system.

Security Management

Security management is the most significant function of the operating system .there are numerous virus threats that can be very harmful and results in loss of data as well as system crash.O.S endow with  security by the use of password and user logins to get rid of unauthorized access to programs.

Input/Output or Device Management

The most significant function of O.S is to coordinate and control the various input and output devices. It perform different significant functions to accomplish this goal .it receives the results for input output interrupts and communicates back to the requesting process.

Interpretation of Commands

O.S  perform imperative functions concerning the interpretation of commands.O.S takes great care of interpreting of user commands and directing the different system resources to handle the requests. Operating system helps a user to work with numerous programs and applications simultaneously.

Configuring Devices

O.S performs great job regarding configuring devices. When a computer starts operating system checks all the devices and loads their drivers. When a new device is attached to the computer operating system configures it and installs its driver so that it can work appropriately.